Love you too, rain.

Yesterday, I set my alarm with full intention on doing a Morning Bootcamp of Bobbi’s ( As I turned my head to look at the alarm clock going off at 5:20 am, I totally thought about snoozing it, but then heard thunder and knew there was no chance I’d get back to sleep. Bootcamp it was.

I’m sure the people below my LOVE when I get up to workout in the morning. At least it wasn’t Jillian Michaels. I am not quite there in my routine yet where I can justify seeing Jillian at 5:30 am telling me to do more pushups. Yeah. Definitely not. Instead, I chose the playlist and started moving.

During 1st period, I kept stretching my shoulders thanks to the great arm workouts that the bootcamp had me doing. The school day flew by and with help from the rain, I was out of the classroom by 4pm. A rarity. Time for workout round two. I headed to 24 hour to do a sweaty workout on the cybex (like the elliptical but not…). I had the same playlist from this morning which made the indoor workout more enjoyable.

I had originally planned on a power walking interval on the treadmill, but with the change in workout plans from Monday due to the rain, the workout was a walk/run interval instead. As I did the run on the treadmill, I focused on the form as I believe my form (or incorrect form) was a contributor to my IT band injury.

Since moving out to CA, I do not frequent my gym as much as I did in NY. Quite possibly because I absolutely love running outside here and have developed an “ughh” response when thinking of having to do a workout on a treadmill when it rains.

Speaking of rain, I love you, too. You have banished me into the gym for what looks like a few days.

Happy Wednesday.

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