Pact with myself.

Motivation for working out is always the most difficult a day before my rest day.

Today was that day. Woot. I had a friend tell me that in order for her to get up, she needs to make a pact with herself when she goes to bed and sets her alarm for early. Admit it – when that alarm goes off, we tend to wonder “what was I thinking!” last night. So I have been making those pacts with myself and it helps A LOT. I think “the Kerry who set this alarm will be P.O. at the Kerry who snoozed it”. (Sorry for the 3rd person reference. I tend to do that occasionally).

I used that pact to move my butt out of bed. I was asked “What time does said workout begin?” and I responded “530 is when the alarm goes off…so 531. I tend to move quickly without thinking, w clothes laid out.” Yea yea, I impress myself sometimes.

Anyways, a quick morning strength/cardio interval of crunches, weights, jump ropes, butt kicks…etc. etc. Quite lovely. And sweaty.

Breakfast was grand too. But I am not quite there yet with blogging about my foooood. Soon. Soon.

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2 Responses to Pact with myself.

  1. aron says:

    I have to do this too!! Ugg sometimes I still break it and I am always annoyed at myself later 🙂 haha nice job getting up!

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