Love rest days!

Today is a well deserved rest day! They are wonderful, esp. amidst a great week of workouts. My IT began to bother me last night when I got home so hopefully some good stretching and icing will work that out a bit today.

I love rest days for many other reasons: (1) flexible friday plans after school (2) sleeping in!! (3) planning out next weeks workouts a bit better after seeing how these went.

With my injury, its hard to gauge where ill be in two, three, four weeks of a training program, so I don’t want to push it until I get my good base again. Its pretty frustrating when you finish a marathon with such a great training experience, only to notice that your legs aren’t feeling as great weeks down the road 😦 I’ll survive. Baby steps!

On another note, the materials for my donorschoose project for my classroom arrived and I got SOOO excited!!! This is the third project that’s been funded for my students and its just amazing how a few donations could provide an experience like this for many students!!

Ladies and gents, inside these boxes are dissection materials for my kiddos! The kids LOVE knowing that in my closet I have hearts and brains. I’ve officially become the crazy science teacher!
And that, my friends, is why I’m loving today: rest and science goodies!

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