Here comes the sun

…and I say, it’s all right. Feel free to sing along.

This morning when my alarm went off at 6:45, it was raining outside in Oakland. BUT the run was scheduled in SF. If there is anything that I’ve learned about the weather here, it’s that it may be raining on my block, but not across the street. So I checked the weather and radar map to see how I should dress for the run (I was going out EVEN if it was raining. I just wanted  to be prepared!). The weather indicated sun for the whole day. WOO! I arrived around 7:45 to meet the ladies for a good morning run along the presidio. This was the first place that I met the group and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this route. So relaxing and full of bikers and runners. This is what I get to watch when I run here:The fog had lifted after the rain and the view was unbelievable. There were obviously massive amounts of puddles so I had to be careful when running. Coach decided on a 7 mile route since some members of the group are training for the Oakland half. I decided to do a 30 min out and back for a good 6 mile run! It felt GREAT! I had to walk a steep downhill because of all that I’ve been reading about IT band syndrome, downhill aggravates it the most. Besides that, we took an easy pace since this was the most distance I’ve done since my marathon (EEK!).

  • 6 mile, 59:47 – 9:57 pace

In retrospect, I really could have pushed it, but I am glad that I didn’t. I am planning on a tempo run tomorrow with my group.

After the run, I inhaled a choc pb balance bar for some protein refuel. The ladies went to grab some coffee at the Chrissy Fields Cafe right next to Sports basement. I opted for a simple coffee, since I planned on going to a coffee shop later for some planning and grading.

Off to enjoy a lovely “dry” day in Oakland. Seems like today is a break in the rain, then we start back up tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed that tomorrow stays mildly dry in the am at the marina!

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