a bit random

Goooood mornin’. I snoozed it a tad 🙂 to wake up a bit later and do some strength training. Not as much rush to get to school early (students have finals this week) so I used this as an opportunity to snooze to (gasp!) 5:40 am.

My routine was a bit of a mish mosh (did I just use those words…sigh) of the bootcamp and some inspiration from Tina’s body pump class. As a result, to an observer it would look like I had no idea what I was doing. And I sorta didn’t which made it awesome. I will have to set up a high energy, quick playlist (Possible title: Mish mosh) for my thursday morning and write out in better detail what I hope to accomplish for my routine. Lesson learned.

What went amazing this morning was my Oatmeal pancakes. I rediscovered oats and got a little creative. I am now full and very content with my choice of breakfast. I would have gotten a pic, but I am not too good at remembering those things! Use the imagination.

Off to work, then to the gymbo for some cross training madness. I think the sun’s out tomorrow!! Have a good one.

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