Vegging out.

Hey hey hey.

I was feeling a dip in energy today, to be honest. The gym was good though and I am glad I went. I did a sweaty 35 min cybex hill workout and 20 min bike intervals. I could totally feel the bike and those hills.

I had my eyes glued to the Michigan/ Michigan State game at the gym. Before the game started, there was some news on ESPN about BASEBALL! Yay. Spring traininggg soon (well in 6 weeks or so). It gets better. On my ipod, former Mets closer, Billy Wagner’s , entrance song came on – “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. I have SO many memories of excitement when you’d hear his song come on at the game. Reminds me of the Major League scene with Wild Thing. Cue Charlie Sheen. HA.

Hopefully I will be around when my mets come to the west coast this year. I was gone both weekends that they were here last year 😦 Nevertheless, baseball season is by far my favorite.

SPEAKING of feeling a workout… PILATES from last night. HOLY cow. I went to reach for something in the classroom and could feel it! That feeling is always a love/hate relationship for me. I may have to incorporate the video into my morning routine tomorrow 🙂

So in my distraction while typing this post, I looked up when the Mets are in town . Anyone interested? Michael, David, want to come out then!?!

Tonight I used my steamer that my mom sent me a while ago. I just used it the other day when I made veggie dumplings and didn’t want to fry them. Since then, I’ve been steaming all the veggies on the stove and I am in love. I can’t believe I didn’t start using it until now. I’ve been missing out. Anyways, I made veggies with some pasta and marinara. Twas’ lovely.

Now, I wish I felt as productive as I did during the school day. I just want to sit on the couch and do.nothing. …Maybe that’s what I’ll do. Vegg out.

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