Dance Party of One

I am in SUCH a better mood. Whatever funk I was in yesterday is replaced by the high that is..finals. Students get out at 12:35 and it is such a nice little break. After work I took myself to a coffee shop and with a nice latte in hand, graded some finals.

Let me congratulate myself. I took a blog pic in public using my phone. I’ll have to get used to it 🙂 I also used this time to fuel my track workout playlist, which was played while getting ready in my apartment. A dance party of one ensued. I am sure the neighbors loved it.

While cleaning this weekend, I found my Nike Women’s zip-up and proudly wore it to the track. Between the energy in my playlist and the pride in my apparel, this FUELED my workout hardcore. We did 4 x 400m, with 1 min rest in between each 400m. Times two. We were supposed to do it at our 10k pace, which I calculated (based upon my half marathon) to be at 2:06 per 400m. Well, after the first lap around it was 1:55. I did a double take at my garmin! Okay, first lap luck. Went again and it was 1:53. This kept up for the following 6 times.

…wait, it gets better. My leg did NOT hurt either. I will still stretch and take it easy, but I have a little bit of renewed confidence and a silly grin going on. After talking with some of the other women, I am considering my first race to be the Kaiser 5K in SF on Superbowl Sunday. Thoughts?

Ahh.. I think the dance party may continue into wed night TV 🙂

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One Response to Dance Party of One

  1. Lexi says:

    You won a bag of Navitas Naturals chia seeds on my blog! Congrats.

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