My new love(s)

Remember how I said that Pandora has a 40 hour limit the other day? Well, I reached it. I decided to do a little Pandora-esq mix for myself while at the coffee shop and it consisted of the raspy-voiced Ray Lamontagne. I love this song so much that I changed my  On Replay to this song( –>). It kept me entertained while grading the second bunch of finals! While I am at it, let me introduce you to the Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne duet of “To Love Somebody” . The quality isn’t perfect at times, but it’s really relaxing.

After grading papers, I went back to my apartment to change for my planned workout of completing the track routine that was cancelled last week due to rain. This called for a trip to the track because it was NICE out today! I did an easy half mile warm up, then did 3 x 1600m at a 10k pace. I realized last night at the track that I may need to DO a 10k soon to determine my real 10k time. I used the pace calculator based upon my most recent half marathon time and it gave me 9:26. Tonight, I was doing 8:50 paced miles. Hmm…I mean, it’s a good thing, but the true test will be a 10k to see what my pace really should be at this moment. Ok. rant over.

Needless to say, the track was good. I went a little earlier, like 4:30, so it was BUSY, not with running groups like last night, but with STUDENTS and practices taking place everywhere. If I wasn’t going to get hit by a soccer ball, it would have been a softball, football, hurdler, mindless student strolling across the track, or a toddler (not of the students – well i don’t know).

Tonight I am making dinner for a friend! This seems to be my new thing and it’s so much more cost effective and FUN. I think I am going to recreate my meal from earlier this week with my new love – TJ’s general tsoooo’s. And it forces me to do a bit more deep cleaning to the apartment when I know I am having guests 🙂

Oh, and I am SUPER excited that I won some chia seeds to add to oatmeals and make puddings. I’ve seen them on blogs everywhere and entered to win on Lexi’s blog. WOO! Exciting.


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