The weekend is here. In actuality, this school week has been such a nice break from the others with half days and only two periods a day of the kids taking finals. As a result, it has really allowed me to get a little (little being the key word) ahead so as to fully enjoy the THREE DAY weekend. WOOT.

To celebrate the good work(out) week and bringing on the weekend, I got some much deserved mexican at my favorite and close taqueria! This filled me the heck up! But, oh, it gets better. Since we got paid today, I had been in SUCH need for new running shoes….this is very much overdue since my marathon in december. It has been on my to do list since getting back into the running scene a few weeks ago. So, with mexican literally sitting right below my ribcage, we walked to the local running store and proceeded to get me some new shoeees!

It felt like I got the works at this running store. It was the first time I had been there and since they offer a discount to members of my running group, I decided to check it out. I got measured, walked around the store, video taped on the treadmill…etc. It was all good and I walked away with new asics 2150 🙂 SO excited to try these out tomorrow morning, but this time I won’t have a burrito in my stomach and jeans on my body as I run in them. Quite comical to any onlookers.

Off to enjoy a nice Friday evening! Catch you tomorrow!

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