Golden Gate times two!

I needed a day like today.

I felt so blessed and could really enjoy the day and the company. After a really refreshing run in the morning and a very filling lunch, we decided to venture back into the city. Parking our cars in Inner Richmond, we walked over to the Golden Gate Park where I had run earlier! I got a double dose of the park today and what was even more exciting was that we explored parts that I didn’t even know existed.

The last time I really had walked (not run!) through the park is when I was visiting with my Dad when I first learned that I would be moving out here. We went to the Japanese Tea Garden (gorgeous!). I have been meaning to get back to the park, especially to check out the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife events!

Next time, I want to take more time to walk through the National AIDS Memorial Grove. We only saw a small section of it and at first (shh!) we didn’t realize that it was a living memorial and not like a stone monument…sigh. After crossing the park, we were INTENT on finding the Haight. My sense of direction, although doubted at times by both of us, led us to Haight Ashbury where a visitor like mine definitely wanted to say they’ve been there. All of our walking around worked up an appetite and as we passed a packed pizza place, we literally did a 180 and walked back to get a slice. This held me over for dinner!

My friend continued upon his next stop – actually staying in the city! So we said our goodbyes and I headed for an impromptu trip to Sports Basement in the Presidio. I was in search of a thin, waterproof running jacket, but unfortunately left empty handed because I wasn’t really interested in any of their selection (which is a rarity!). I had to book it out of there because I know I would convince myself in buying some other running accessories/drinks/bars/chews…etc. Well after booking it, I was in traffic getting out of city for an hour. Twas lovely. I was kept entertained with some radio, especially when Forever by Chris Brown came on and I thought about the videos. I love how the Office incorporated it into their series. Love it.

Ah, now onto a relaxing evening and an early night considering I am surprised I woke up feeling good after last night, but feeling a lack of energy after the day 🙂

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