Great weekend start.

Hey ya’ll. Last night was so fun! I have a friend visiting from out of town so we decided that some local good time was in order – a happy hour and then zachary’s pizza. A-mazing, for sure. My friend joined us so it made for a really fun, chill time. Great start to the weekend! How’s everyone else’s?

This morning I got up and drove into SF for my Saturday morning run! Today, we met at the Great Highway at Java Beach cafe (one of my FAVORITE cafes to do work at – right along the beach, but too bad it is really really out of the way). Parking was nuts because the San Francisco Marathon training group was there and they were a huge group!

We did a great 8.0 mile run down the great highway and then up through golden gate park all the way to Stanyan, which is close to the top of the park. The first 4.0 are 90% uphill so it was grueling! BUT that meant that coming back we breezed downhill to make it a very worthwhile time.

  • 8.0, 1:19:00, 9:52 pace

This was the longest distance since my marathon and it went really, really well. I was hoping for a faster pace, but those uphills definitely shortened the stride. My leg didn’t seem to bother me until we would do a steeper downhill so I just kept a good eye on my form for the majority of the run. I also am testing out my new SHOES that I got yesterday. Trying new sneakers is always interesting and so far, so good.

After the run and stretching, we stopped for some coffee at Java Beach! So relaxing for sure. When I got back, I knew exactly what we should do for brunch. There is this diner near my apartment that is ALWAYS busy on weekend mornings, which is a great sign!! So, I threw that idea out there and it was a go! Their omelets are SO good. I will be full for a good few hours because of it. Easily worth it after the run!

We are going to take advantage of the gorgeous day to venture around the city! Have a wonderful Saturday! 🙂

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