I’m too excited to sleeeep

So this is how my evenings go when watching Lost.

Since I am on the west coast and my fam is on the east coast, my brothers and I have to check in with each other beforehand to see who will be able to watch Lost that night. We have established a protocol of what one can text each other during the show. We love it THAT much. For example, if my brother couldn’t watch, then he would give me a heads up and this restricted my texts to “OMG!”. If he did see it, then I could be like “WHAT THE HECK!” and he would usually respond with something like I KNOW I’LL CALL YOU TOMORROW. (Then we’d discuss the episode) And Michael, I am sorry that you have to watch it with Mom and her “I don’t get it” moments. Ha.

Well tonight resumes the craziness and thank the Lord it is the last season. I am not sure if I can take more of it, let alone those people who do NOT like the show who have to put up with me 🙂 And I will leave it at that and you will only hear about it Tues night/Wed morn briefly. No worries, there won’t be any discussion about plot so if you are catching up/missed the episode, then I won’t ruin it for you!

It goes without saying that I. WAS. TIRED. today. That 2 hour tossin’ and turnin’ really did me in and I can feel it hardcore now. I managed to convince myself to go into autopilot and change into workout clothes after school and drive to the gym. I did a 35 min hill cybex and a 25 min bike workout. I’m planning on a little weights once I write this post…maybe 😉

Dinnah shall be some tacos since I went all out and bought avocado at the grocery store and maybe some chippies, salsa, Quorn meatless crumbles, mozz cheese, greek yogurt, peppers, and romaine lettuce. Ah sounds so so good.

That would be a LOT of romaine lettuce with the works. I’ve NEVER added greek yogurt on top to substitute for sour creme, but it hits the spot!

Thanks for the all the support in your comments. I wrote about community in my guest post and I can already feel it, so thank you.

On that note! TACOS LOST and hmmm weights. Which one doesn’t belong there??

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2 Responses to I’m too excited to sleeeep

  1. bummer that you were tired today. but lost was amazing so you should be all hyped up now 🙂

    nice biking and cybex-ing. the hills on those machines can be pretty tough!

  2. OMG that taco looks gooooooooooood!! My tummy has an aversion to avocados so Ill be living vicariously through u!

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