Little confessions

Good evenin’ friends 🙂

I’ve got a couple confessions tonight…

Confession #1: I got up a little late this morning, shh… I think the lack of sleep a few days ago caught up with me. I plan on getting some critical shut eye tonight, so no worries. My weekly workouts are totally inaccurate, but hey, I am human and won’t be able to follow them exactly. Tomorrow might actually switch to a rest day because of a packed evening I foresee…sigh. Things got BUSY out of NO where!!

Confession #2: I started watching LOST last night and in realizing it would take me WAY past my bedtime, I saved it for this afternoon where I caught up on all the craziness. My brother and I are expecting a debrief ASAP.

Confession #3: I love the ladies in my running group. We range in all ages and abilities, but can still find that common ground of running. Having been with the group since June, it has been nice to grow with a group that is SO diverse and chatty. They are supportive in everything. For example, we started gabbing about something completely non-running and they just gave such great wisdom in something I was seeking some advice upon.

I am sure there are many more confessions that I could come up with. In due time..

I listened to the next installment of the podcast that I was listening to on Monday night from Charlotte One this afternoon. This one just HIT home and I NEEDED to hear it. It is crazy how when we actually open up our ears and are willing to listen, that we hear the things that will guide and help us. So, I am figuring out a way that I want to address it on the blog and in the appropriate manner…soon, friends, soon.

Tonight’s track workout was GOOD, after my stomach stopped being a pain in the bootie. It was 4 laps @ 10K pace, 1 lap rest, 8 laps @ 10k pace, 1 lap rest, 2 laps @ 10k pace…then rest. I erased the data on my garmin (boo, Kerry), but I believe I kept a 8:50-9:00 pace.

What I am really excited about was my AFTER workout dinner!! Wed. dinners have resumed with one of my friends. We did them religiously in the fall and winter, but January was a doozy with expenses and workload. I am happy to say that we had Thai tonight and it was glorious – Mixed veggies, tofu, and yellow curry…yes, por favor.

I am heading to bed in a bit in the hopes that tonight is a sound sleep 🙂 Nite!

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2 Responses to Little confessions

  1. great track workout. and yes lost took me beyond my bedtime — i seriously thought i was going to fall asleep haha

  2. BostonRunner says:

    Great work out!

    I would love to find a running group like that once out of college. That’s great that you all mess together so well!

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