I’ll admit it. This week has me all over the place! I usually am pretty free in the evenings to plan workouts or just relax, but I just feel really out of it this week. I think it has to do with the fact that I have been planning out this new lab for school and I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases. We are in the circulatory system so we are doing some dissections. If it wasn’t enough that I have to be ON MY GAME everyday in class, trying to give directions on where to cut, what is what, how far to cut, etc…is realllyy tiring. It is definitely rewarding once the students get the hang of it, or when I realize there is a better way of explaining something, but wooooeyyy this week has been busy!

On a super positive note, the dissections went well and those worries I had this morning have faded.

I have a meeting at 5:30, then another engagement at 6:30. With the time in between work and the meeting, I stopped in at one of my favorite coffee shops. Instead of going straight for the desserts (they are AMAZING), I opted for one of their half salads to hold me over in a healthy manner. This is such a delicious combo: Romaine lettuce, avocado, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, and ranch dressing!

It’ll hold me over quite well! Later tonight, I *hope* to do a little pilates and strength training. I don’t want today to feel like a complete rest day, but if it is, then that is what my body is telling me. If there is ANYTHING I’ve learned about a training plan, you need to be flexible and listen to your body! However, I don’t want to start using excuses! Sigh.

It also started to rain 😦 Forecast for this weekend is also on and off rain…bummah. This weekend is the Kaiser half marathon! I am super tempted to go and show some support, or participate…hehe. We will see!

I’ll leave you with this question to ponder … How do we distinguish between “listening to our body” and “excuses to work out”?

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5 Responses to refuel

  1. i say go for the half marathon 🙂

  2. I think that resting is SO important. And I differ between the two by asking myself WHY I don’t want to run, workout, whatever. If it’s something like “i’m tired” or “i’ve had a hard day,” I will usually make myself. But if i’m sore, in pain, or actually tired tired, I will let myself rest. And this is beyond built in rest days.

  3. Tina says:

    I think we always know when its an excuse because deep in our gut we know there isn’t a true reason to miss a workout. Rest is vital, so take it if you need it. 🙂

  4. lpskins says:

    I generally just find excuses to not work out. So sad. Also, LOVE Saturday mornings and getting a workout in before the world rises. So nice!

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