Thanks for the comments last night! When I got home from my second meeting at 8:30, I was stuffed from dinner and it didn’t look like I had any energy left!

When I got home, I was greeted with mail that I have been waiting on for two weeks. I passed the last test that I need to pass to finally apply for my ‘preliminary’ credential to teach in CA. For the past two years, I have had an intern credential, but that “expires” after two years. I am pretty happy! The test wasn’t difficult, just very detail oriented. You needed to demonstrate that you know and can use technology in the classroom, so if you misread a section, then you would fail that section. All sections need to be passed. I guess this is where I thrived, paying so much attention to detail ha!

Anyways, yay! It is FRIDAY. This morning I had some OATS woot!

In the wine glass was my smoothie 🙂

  • Oats, Banana, Milk/Water, PB, Cranberries…yum

Today is part two of the dissections that I mentioned yesterday. I’ll be more on my game since I went through the instructions three times yesterday. THEN it is the WEEKEND.

What are your weekend routines/look forward to?

My longer runs are planned on the weekend, so it is usually a really relaxing Friday. Then up and moving early to get into the city to meet the running group on Saturdays. I LOVE Saturday mornings. Love. Happy Friday folks.

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4 Responses to Passed

  1. i always have a long run saturday and definitely look forward to it! this weekend i have sooooo much work but i usually like to catch up on good books and tv 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Congratulations, Kerry, on passing your test. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. lpskins says:

    I wish I had a running group to meet up with!! Have a great weekend.

  4. CONGRATS on passing the test!!

    I have a humungo test tomorrow all day so those are my plans. BORING!!

    A saturday morning run sounds fabs

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