Fabulous Saturday

If we all remember this morning, then we know that I expected it to rain the whole day!! But low and behold, let there be SUN and all day!

Such a wonderful Saturday for sure! I was picked up by my friend whose boyfriend is on the local Bay Area Rugby Team. A couple weeks ago, I attended their fundraiser at a bar in the city and it was such a blast! I am always willing to learn about a new sport – this time it is rugby! I got the whirlwind tour of all things rugby and it was so fun! Included, but not limited to moving on the sidelines so as not to get crushed 🙂

I would have gotten a much closer shot, but there were some times where we feared (and rightfully so!) that they would toss the ball towards our direction sending a mound of guys out of bounds!

The sun was shining. Enjoying the city. Watching a free sporting event. No other way to embrace a Saturday….except…

We went back to their sponsor pub and I enjoyed a nice beer, or two, on the house. 🙂 Now it was complete! I am usually the driver, so it was nice to not have to worry for a change.

This evening will continue my refreshed mentality – easy going movie watching, good dinner, and relaxing sleep. I am in the process of making my own bbq veggie burger, steamed veggies, and a small side of fries. I’ve had “bar food” on the brain, but will make it a little more healthy!

Have a great Saturday night!

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3 Responses to Fabulous Saturday

  1. Gorgeous weather girl, so lucky!!!

  2. what a wonderful surprise! glad you got to enjoy the sun 🙂

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