Hello! I went MIA last night and let me explain you how and why I did so.

Fridays=Only freshmen

This past friday= Only freshmen dissecting hearts

Enough said. I was beat after work, but for good reason. It went really well and I got some great pics to send in to to complete the thank you package for the project. This means I will hopefully get another project (or two!!) in before the end of the year. The students get really into the labs, so I focus my project proposals on materials that will obviously enrich the lab experience. If any public school teachers are reading this, donorschoose is the way to go. Proposal takes like 2 hours from beginning to end and the process is very streamlined! Recommend it!

Hmm..back to my friday evening. Dinner was a quorn chick cutlet w annies bbq sauce, israeli couscous and some steamed veggies. Sorry for lack of pic…I’ll get better so keep reading. Dessert was some TJ’s non fat plain fro yo (ive been obsessed for about a year with this product), half sliced banana, and some maple agave syrup. It was amazing …

I kept low with making plans for Friday because I know I needed it to do mindless activities 🙂 I caught up on Modern Family (Michael, this past episode had me DYING…when he was trapped in the bathroom, and the locker room scene w/ Cameron. OMG) and had an epsom salt bubble bath..yaaaaa. Felt perfect. And then I went to bed at ..wait for it…8:45. HA. You all have caught on to the fact that I was lacking sleep and as a result, the workouts got short changed. I got up at 6:45 this morn so TEN hours was UNBELIEVABLE.

This morning’s run was at Sawyer Camp in Burlingame. It is one of my FAVE locations to run. I even still liked it after my 20 mile run and that says a lot 🙂 It started to pour half way through my run, which didn’t stop me necessarily, it just made my legs feel like frozen bricks. So the first half of the run was a good 9:15-9:30 pace (I know i know…slowly but surely, the speed will improve. I’m doing it!), but the second half was back to about a 10 (which is still impressive to me since I couldn’t see in front of me or feel what was below my waist). All in all it was one of the most refreshing runs I’ve had:

  • 6.5 mile, 63:00- 9:42 pace

Wooey. Afterwards, I hightailed it to my car and entered into my garmin the nearest cafe. Unlike the other running locations, there is no “close by” coffee place like you’ve read about in previous saturday runs. I remembered a Starbs near by that I went to afterwards after my 20 miler (last time I was at Sawyer camp). I tried an Awake Tea latte and I am in love with it, even if she did spell my name wrong

I am used to it by now. The tea latte reminded me of my go to bedtime drink whenever I am home – tea, with milk and sugar 🙂 The usual nighttime routine at my house is usually “Put the water on” (There ya go, Dad, another shout out!)…among other things haha.

I absolutely love the drive to and from Sawyer Camp. It is very peaceful at 7 am and 9:45 am; however, I know I will curse that route later when I head back into the city!!

When I got back I wanted to recreate the amazing omelette that I had last weekend!

Mission accomplished. It was delicious. In there I had the rest of my avocado from earlier in the week, black beans, mozz cheese, egg whites, and salsa for topping!

I, being an East Coast girl, dearly miss my Dunkin Donuts coffee. So, when I found it sold at the Black Hole of Death (aka Target), I knew I’d survive 🙂 I rotate between Hazelnut and French Vanilla like I did at home. Between my tea, coffee, ten hours of sleep, and the run, I will be super hyped up until I crash later!

Back into the city I go! Going to watch some Rugby and this should be interesting because I have no clue how the game goes!

What do you do to refresh yourself after a long week?

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2 Responses to Refreshing

  1. haha i’m used to ppl spelling my name wrong too. after a long week i love just sitting and reading a good book. and this week has been soooo long. with no end in sight at the moment. hopefully i’ll be curled up with le miz soon 🙂

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