This weekend, so far, has been nothing less than amazing, and I need to appreciate that fact!  It has taken me months to “let go” of my to-do list and make time to enjoy the days that I have off on the weekend. It was not always this easy.

Last year went a little like this, “It’s the weekend! YAY. OMG I have so much to do….is it really MONDAY?” and the cycle continued. I believe that this was a main contributor to the struggles that many people, and in my case new teachers, experience that can lead to unhappiness at one’s job. In the beginning of the school year, I used the running on the weekend mornings to really set the tone for the weekend and most of the time that “tone” would last until like mid-day where I’d find myself scrambling to do work, or preoccupied with what I needed to do. After a few months, the “appreciation of the weekend” has evolved.

Although it is not always perfect by any means, I have made a conscious effort to make some concrete plans ahead of time to spend with friends. As a result, I am better able to maximize the other time I have to get done what I need to do for the school week.

This isn’t something I’ve struggled with just as a new teacher. It is something that I have needed to work through all through college too. 🙂

Back to the morning run! Since yesterday’s distance was shorter due to the rain, I decided to make today my longer run. According to the pace calculator, I was aiming for a 10:10 for 9 miles. My coach asked me to mark the route since I had my garmin and knew the pathway. I got a little head start so that no one passed me before the turn around at 4.5. It was a GORGEOUS route at Point Isabel – a favorite of mine in the East Bay. I got started and marked every 0.5 mile distances and any confusing turns. This required a lot of stopping, squatting to write with chalk, then back up and moving again. As a result, around mile 3.0 my IT band started to bother me with all the sudden movements. At this point, I was going at like a 9:30-9:45 so that some of our faster women wouldn’t pass me :). This carried on until 4.5 where my duties of marking the course finished and I turned around to run back. This is also where I forgot to turn my garmin back on and as a result, realized that my data was off by about 0.7 miles when I noticed it was off. Bummer!

I am estimating that I was able to maintain the pace below 10:10 min/mile over all, which I was aiming to do! I had entered into the McMillan Pace Calculator using a 2 hour half marathon time. It is a wonderful tool that you will see me referring to when I calculate my pace for tempo, track, and long runs in the future. A sub- 2 hour half marathon IS possible for me and it is DEFINITELY a goal of mine during 2010, if not SF half in July, then SJ half in Oct 🙂 Do you have any fitness goals for 2010?

Since there is this thing called the SUPER BOWL on later, it gives me a couple hours to go through that to-do list and then move on. Catch you later!

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3 Responses to Prioritize

  1. great run! that’s awesome that you are shooting for a sub-2 hour half and are feeling confident. you will soooo totally get it 🙂

  2. BostonRunner says:

    I’m aiming for a sub 2hr half marathon this spring too!
    I definitely know what you mean about trying to relax on weekends but also be productive. I’m a big to-do list girl.

  3. That does sound like a great run!!!
    I need to maximize my time during the school week better because I always leave it all for Saturday… and then I lose my weekend. Boo. I should change that 🙂
    My fitness goals for 2010 are to run a half marathon and listen to my body better (i.e. giving it enough rest and fueling properly).

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