Thinking about training

Over the past few weeks, I have slowly been building my mileage back. This was something that I did not want to force and I obviously have my setback days  – physically and mentally. We all do. I spent time last night looking at my training plan, but before I get to that, let me just say that….

…the Who was amazing during their half time performance! I saw them at Madison Square Garden when I was a junior in college. I went with my Dad and we sat top row. One of my favorite concerts ever! Last night’s performance reminded me of why I seek out “Baba O’Reilly” on my iPod during a run when I am feel a little dip in energy!

I managed to sneak away from my work for a few hours to head over to a friend’s house for some great food and company! Having a time limit helped me to move through my work pretty quickly.

Okay. Back to the plan – I have been doing some research on establishing base mileage. I am aiming to get up to 30 – 35 miles comfortably before I start training for my half marathon. This base is absolutely realistic, considering I am averaging around 20 right now. As I mentioned yesterday, a goal of mine this year is to have a sub-2 hour half marathon time! The only way I can get there is to run, then keep running!

I created a rough plan to get there. It is still in its infant stages, but it will be a combination of the speed workouts that I have been doing, tempo workouts, longer run, and a recovery run. I am also incorporating the strength training, stretching, and cross training too…and a REST day! I am going to test it out for a little bit, so this will be reflected in my weekly workout page, along with my daily recaps.

A few days ago, I mentioned listening to another Charlotte One audio. The topic of this past one that I listened to was focused more on fulfilling relationships. It took a bit of time for me to delve deep into the message and make it my own.

What the speaker was addressing was the role that any relationships with others plays in our lives and the relationship we have with God. It. hit. home. It brought awareness to many things that I have taken for granted in some relationships and also clarified the importance of what it means to even have a friendship with another. The speaker also mentioned the part about loving yourself and loving God, before you are able to fully give and love another. Very true.  What was beautiful about what the speaker had to say was that it could apply to any type of relationship one finds themselves in – the message remains the same.

Here’s to another Monday! Catch you in the evening!

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2 Responses to Thinking about training

  1. sounds like you have a good plan to be set up for your race. sub-2 here you come!! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    That’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately. How important it is to love our own self. If we don’t, then it is kind of saying that God isn’t good enough because He messed up on us. Which is so not true!

    Sounds like you have thought out your plan well 🙂

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