Short and Sweet

Hey ya’ll! I am so tired tonight! But the workout was good 🙂 I went to the track a little earlier than normal because I had dinner plans. As a result, I planned the track workout and executed it on my own!

Today planned for 2 x 800m, 2 x 1200m, 1 x 800m at 10k pace. Starting off the workout, I could totally feel the lactic acid in my calves! It took the warm-up and the first round of 800s to really stretch things out and feel like my legs could FUNCTION. I completed the 800s in 3:55, and 3:58. I was super proud about those times considering my legs weren’t feeling it in the beginning. The 1200s were 6:30 and 6:22. Seemed like I wasn’t pushing as hard for the 1200s, probably due to “pacing” them more in the beginning? The last 800m was 4:02. I ran a few cool down laps, then lots of stretches, incorporating some YOGA poses.

I apologize for such a short post! I am really tired and hoping to turn in early! Tomorrow will be a report on my tempo run, reflection on the training plan, and some POSITIVE energy for the 3 day weekend 🙂 Have a wonderful night. About to watch some Modern Family!

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One Response to Short and Sweet

  1. great workout. i might have to incorporate this at some point into my training

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