[Disclaimer: LONG POST] I feel like I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and write a good post this week! I’ve been getting home later than usual and getting up later, too, which eliminates any morning updates! It’s a great feeling to get great workouts in, which takes up time, and then to write about them. Lots of new time commitments so please pardon the adjustment to blogging timeliness. I will get better 🙂

I had mentioned looking into creating or adjusting my training plan. When the holidays ended, and before I created this blog, my original objective when training was to build back into single digit mileage without injury. I realized quickly that the plan I created met the objective very early on.  With just a few weeks of training, I was properly stretching and the injury was healing. In an effort to not be overzealous, I gave it another 2 weeks to see how things would go. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking of my goals for the year and how I am to get there.

These 6 weeks have been a BLESSING in disguise. If anyone saw or talked to me in December, they knew something wasn’t right when I couldn’t run. It brought me back to some feelings I had during my first year of teaching when I felt I had no outlet for all that was going on around me. Now without being too sappy, the blessing is two-fold – the mental and physical. The time off allowed me to realize how much I absolutely LOVE running and how it makes me feel strong and beautiful despite my non-graceful appearance afterwards. The time has also allowed me to focus on my form and adjust what wasn’t working for me. As a result, I am already feeling the effects of this as I am able to improve in my tempo and track workouts and KNOW that I can push it a bit harder the next time instead of a “well that’s as fast as I’ll get ” feeling that accompanied me last year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to make running a LIFESTYLE in which I am comfortable with the mileage and adjusting this lifestyle when it comes for training for a race. I have always been running because I am “training” for something DIRECTLY. I’ve always been in the x week of a plan. I understand the concept of training for improvement or personal competition and that’s where I am at now; however, I’ve always had a SET mileage each week because I knew that in x weeks, I had a half marathon, then running would take a break – a break that would leave me a bit empty.

OK. Onwards friends…as promised, I’d share my thoughts on how I am going to improve my running. I’ve been reading blogs of those who used to be in similar situations as me – didn’t grow up running, but somehow are having those little successes and are pushing themselves! The advice that I’ve received can be summed up  how A marathoner had on his blog something to the effect of “Run…then run some more.” Many credit their success in building up their weekly mileage and incorporating speed intervals, tempo runs, and recovery runs in addition to their already existing “long runs.”

With thanks to a link given to me by Marathon Maiden (THANK YOU), I maneuvered around the website to find an Advanced Half Marathon with weekly mileages of 40-50. If I really want to be able to have a solid base to adjust when I want to participate in an event, I feel I need to increase my weekly mileage. As a result, when it comes time to train, I will be able to focus a bit more on the improvement I want – like better time, mileage, etc. This plan will give me something to aim for so that when it comes time for training for my goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon, I will be there mileage wise! So my POINT: I want to build the mileage into a lifestyle so as to be able to work through the above training plan when it comes time to train.

So far it is working itself out as

  • Sat/Sun: One longer, the other medium
  • Monday: Recovery
  • Tuesday: Xtrain
  • Wed: Track interval
  • Thurs: Tempo
  • Fri: Rest/active rest (yoga)

There is a lot of flexibility in the mileage and I want to feel OKAY with switching depending on how my week’s going, while also swapping a run for some xtraining.

Do you have a “training plan” and how did you go about creating one?

Thanks for sticking through that long winded revelation! To my workout! I did a 1 mile warm up @ 9:45 pace, 3 mile tempo @ 9:00, 1 mile cool down @ 9:45. Felt GREAT. My legs were definitely in better shape today than how they felt at the track last night. I took my run to Bay Farm Island in Alameda which takes you along the coast facing San Francisco. It is a GORGEOUS run with SF to your left and Oakland ahead of you.

Tomorrow is a day off from running, but I am thinking of incorporating some yoga or pilates to stretch things out 🙂

This weekend is a THREE DAY weekend and there are a couple races that I’ve had my eyes on, including a Valentine’s day race, Ballpark 5k, and President’s Day race. I am in the process of deciding if I want to race this weekend!! WOO. I just feel like getting out there and see what a 10k or 5k can bring me.

You will hear from me tomorrow with more definite plans about the weekend. Until then, have a fabulous night!

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5 Responses to revelations

  1. i think you have a solid basis for a plan. and one that will allow you to be as flexible as you need. then you can beast that sub2!!

    you totally should race this weekend! how fun 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    So number 2 in my mom job description is to remind you not to be running in isolated or deserted areas.

  3. kbwood says:

    i think this is awesome girl-you have taken a hardship and turned it into a learning experience..proud of that!

  4. sarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! When I have a big goal race, I follow a race plan. If I’m not peaking for something, I’ll just run with one speed workout a week, to maintain fitness.

    Just a thought – you might not want to put your tempo workout and track days back to back. One day of recovery between hard efforts helps.

  5. Thanks for the advice Sarah! Its a rough draft that I can definitely modify. I never really “knew” what a tempo and track workout entailed and it is making me think of moving some things around so that there is a recovery run in between. Again, thank you 🙂

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