Double deeegits

With the title, imagine saying it like the Count from Sesame Street. Immediately after I realized that’s how I was saying that, I youtube searched a video about him counting, of course. And what did I find?! The count counting up to nine. If you want to return back to your childhood, then go for it. EXCEPT, the count never gets to the mileage that I did today – ten! DOUBLE DEEGITS for sure.

Now, ten doesn’t qualify as a long run to me because of knowing for realzz what a long run is when you get past 16.(Disclaimer: ten is and can still be a P.I.T.A, so I don’t discredit it 🙂 ) But, since it is the longest I’ve ran since my marathon, it called for a momentary celebration. And my celebration you ask? Turning up my radio to “Forever” on my way home and some car singing and dancing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video for that. You must settle for the Count today 😦

THANKS to the congrats and the love shown for my 10k. Definitely appreciated and really made for a happy Saturday. [I did see Valentine’s Day. If you want a good laugh, then I’d check it out. I also suggest seeing it with an audience of “Taylor Lautner/McDreamy/McSteamy/Bradley Cooper” fans, too. It gives it an added affect. My heart still belongs to Love Actually though…]

Today was a recovery run that I had scheduled for 10 miles. My garmin shut off 3/4ths of the way [Reason #16261813 why I need to upgrade. I’ve got the old school garmin 🙂 Maybe march…I see that the 305 is dropping in price..any suggestions?] so I don’t have the stats. I can say that we did a comfortable, recovery pace ranging from 10-10:30 for the 10 miles. I have to keep reminding myself of the purpose of the recovery run, even if I feel like I want to go faster. Thanks to the ladies who kept me company during the slower run!

[From this point onward…I realized that I am just rambling, but continue reading because I can’t stop lauging] Have a great Sunday (Happy Valentine’s Day – it’s really just another day to me, except this year I have DOUGHNUTS). I have tomorrow OFF, so I have a couple of things I want to do today

  • Finish The Lives of Others – It’s been on my Netflix for forever, but I never have 2 someodd hours to really really pay attention and read the subtitles. I started it last night, but then turned it off to go to bed.
  • School work – doing school work w/o stress of school the next dayallows me to plan better.
  • Dinner party tonight!
  • Mass
  • Laundry…yada yada yada, chores…grocery…

I want to watch the OLYMPICS, but I haven’t been following what sports to WATCH. I want to see the bobsleigh! I can appreciate that because of Cool Runnings . To be honest, sometimes I feel like the Jamaican Bobsled Team when I enter a race to run…HAHA. Especially this scene when he has to go to the bathroom before the race, they have a rough start, then crash and burn…So, I’ve trained myself not to write “lol” since high school, but that is honestly what I am doing when I wrote that sentence above and watched the video. I can’t stop laughing…

If you are watching the olympics, what sport do you have your eye on?

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4 Responses to Double deeegits

  1. awesome 10 miles! i’m totally digging the speedskating. apolo = my love 🙂

  2. BostonRunner says:

    Great job with the 10 miles! Yay double digits : )
    Right now I’m watching the moguls, so intense! I love the speed skating and snowboarding too! Earlier I was watching the “biathlon,” at first I thought they were just cross-country skiing and then all of a sudden the started shooting stuff! haha

  3. omg that’s my favorite part of cool runnings, whn they crash and they tell the guy he can pee now, and he goes “too late man.” haha! i can’t even fathom running 10 miles, i haven’t run more than 2 in like…a year! major props to ya. NO SHIT you live in the east bay? me too! i’m in berkeley, what about you? so funny, i dream of moving to nyc after i’m done with school, and you did the reverse!

  4. Sweet Cheeks says:

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s awesome to find people with the same passion for running as me!

    10 miles is uhhh-mazing! congrats girlie!

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