The track workout…

…that wasn’t. More on that in a bit. I wrote the first half of my post before heading to the track.

My shoulders and back were feeling it today. We can credit that to the erg…so maybe the erg did have the last laugh after all 🙂

I love Wednesdays. I love that I get out early from school. I love running the track workouts. The quick intervals are something that I am really finding helps my body. It is quite a change of pace (get it) to this long (slow) distance runner. It makes me think back and cringe at my training regime when I was getting ready for my first full marathon and half marathons…or the fact that my 2nd half marathon was only a few months after my first full and I can’t really remember training for it. It can be either (1) I blocked out the horror of training from my memory or (2) did I train? or just figure since I can run some miles that I was good for a half. Either way, I remember Lake Placid Half as a really good time, even if it was raining, and NYC half was HOT, but I remember following a legit plan. A part of me wishes I blogged, rather wrote down, what I did during my previous races even the ones during the fall and winter of 2009.

Using the Run Less, Run Faster time tables, I figured out my paces for tonight’s track workout. Tonight called for a timed 1600, and 2 miles at HMP.

My running group is starting to settle into their half marathon paces. They are running the Oakland Half Marathon on March 27th. You ask why I am not running that? I DON’T KNOW? I think it was because I didn’t want to hop right into training. There is a LARGE possibility that I may run it, but I am starting to look towards the Santa Cruz Half mid April, before the Ragnar Relay. Maybe both. IDK. I love how as I write each post, everyone reads this uncertainty and the wishy washy ness that I have had the past month. I admit to it. It has been difficult for even me to think one thing, then switch. I’m usually just an impulsive committer 🙂 To be honest, I guess this is me being really cautious about committing to a race, only to be setback by an injury. Let alone, committed already to Ragnar …and not sure how to train for that either.

If you have participated in a similar relay or had multiple runs in one day, what advice do you have? OR if you were in a similar training situation, what are some things that you would check at or add to your training?

Don’t get me wrong. I am really excited about the experience and the team bonding!! But it is really unlike anything I have done before (running wise) so other’s opinions (good or bad) about such a relay are starting to define how I am viewing it – anxiousness, excitedness…etc. It is like your first marathon – you never know how your body will react during or after until you do it yourself.

This post went all over the place. My apologies. But I guess that just gives you the reality of how I am feeling –  indecisive.

…Back to the track. There was a soccer game that was charging admission, so it wasn’t open to the public. As a result, our track workout was squashed. Instead, I decided to use today to just take my shoes to the baseball field. I ran around the field …gosh…i don’t know how many times. Then did some drills and strides. After the warm-up, I picked up the pace. To what you ask? I am not sure. I didn’t bring my garmin with me when I realized that the workout was going to change. So we can count today as an easy run. I will make tomorrow my track interval day instead. No biggie. It was actually REALLY nice to just run on different terrain and work on some drills.

I am going to get to bed EARLY tonight. You know the feeling before you start feeling sick…like you KNOW it’s there. Well, I think tonight may be the night that I need the sleep!

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4 Responses to The track workout…

  1. Lacey says:

    ack i need to go to bed early tonight, i hear ya on the feeling. i also hear you on wishy-washiness, that has been me ever since finishing my first marathon (way back in october!!!). i’m trying to get back to consistent training and excitement but it is an ongoing struggle.

    i am jealous of where you are– i would love to run in oakland and santa cruz!! ( i lived in berkeley for a summer, worked in oakland). it is so nice out there!

    • Kerry says:

      Yeah. It is really getting to me. I may just stick to a training plan to “get back into it” and if I feel that I am ready, then do some events. Sort of what I did last weekend with the 10k. I’m following my running group’s plan, so I will be doing an 11 miler – so it is not like I am doing 6’s and think I can just go out there 🙂 We will see. BERKELEY! YAY.

  2. i’ve done double sessions and the key for me is making sure i’m eating enough and properly between sessions. i can definitely feel a difference when i’ve fueled well enough and when i havent

  3. sarah says:

    I used to do two-a-day runs and I just felt awful and ran worse. So I stopped :P. They work for some people, but my body just couldn’t handle it. On the other hand, I’ve done all-day relays (like Ragnar) and they are the best. Aside from the running part later in the day, which is pretty rough.

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