Feeling sluggish

My legs weren’t feeling it today. Well, my paces were ‘ok’ for the track, but you know when they just feel so HEAVY and you feel like you are dragging along…yeah..that was my track workout.

First, I realized that I left the paper with my proposed workout written down and the pace I was aiming for. I didn’t realize until I got home that the pace I was actually doing was right on with what I should be. I was under the impression that it needed to be faster..hmm.

I decided on 5 x 800 repeats @ 4:11 pace, w 400m recovery. I warmed up for a mile or so, then got to work. I think my pace slowed because during the 400m recovery, I was still jogging. I might want to slow it down in between so as to keep the pace consistent between reps. Overall, my paces ranged from 4:09- 4:19 (ouch!). I must have looked all over the place too..ha. The stats of the run are

  • 5.01 miles, 44:35 – 8:54 pace.

Eh. Now it looks more apparent that my body was debating between a tempo and track pace. My calves were incredibly tight. It might have been the running on the grass last night. Not sure.

Either way, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Love love short weeks. What are your plans?! I definitely have two runs scheduled (and a BRUNCH after Sunday’s run!), along with a possible Rugby game on saturday I had SUCH a fun time last I went and I hope the weather holds up so we can venture into. Looks like a good start of some sort of weekend adventures.

I will probably turn in early tonight to really prevent coming down with something. Some stretching is in my future tonight and some foam rolling. This is usually my foam rolling routine. It seems I need to add some more calf stretches too!

Have a good thursday and HAPPY FRIDAY YA’LL!

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5 Responses to Feeling sluggish

  1. i totally need to turn in early tonight too! and likely my weekend will equal sleep & hw. ew.

    great job at the track! it’s so tough to keep an even pace

  2. Lacey says:

    great job with your speed repeats!!! i can’t wait to get back to a real track i’m so tired of the TM. i agree with karyn it’s so tough to keep an even pace over the course of multiples. and 800 is a tough distance, you want to go fast, but it’s just far enough to feel… far 🙂

    yay for the weekend! i’m planning a long run, and lots of pug snuggling (i’m dog sitting- staying at his house which is also really nice… super comfy couch!), and i’m working with my 7-year old case student on sunday morning.

  3. marathonkim says:

    I’ve never run on a track, but I’m going to do a sort-of speedwork session tomorrow. And thanks for the Friday reminder! That’s always enough to make me smile. 🙂

  4. kbwood says:

    aww your weekend sounds super fun!!
    SO glad it is FRIDAY!!
    thats a great track workout girl!

  5. Great pace! Sounds like you’re doing great.

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