Holy hills.


This was amidst my run through presidio park.

So were these.


The group decided that instead of taking the presidio to embarcadero route we would run up into the presidio to lyons stairs to pacific trail and back. HOLY HILLS. I stopped my garmin on the lyons stairs and these severely steep upwards and downwards because I HAD to walk. The gradual to steep hills we ran, but these stairs were vicious (michael, i used the word vicious). It felt great to conquer some hills though. The hills have always been my enemy, but with my IT, they became even more evil. I decided to give them a run for their money. I cranked up the music on the way back and tackled the best I could. The route was approximately 6 miles with some on and off running due to the steepness of the hills. Forgive me for lack of pace, mileage, and time. It was nice to just focus on the purpose of the hills and the muscles being used in another way 🙂 I can say that I felt like an airplane on the way down these hills…I have a tendency that when I am running downhill and need to turn I put my arms out like an airplane and make a swoosh sound. For anybody watching, it is quite entertaining. For me, it makes me laugh and gives my arms a break. I did it a couple times today because there were lots of ups and downs.

After the run, one of the ladies suggested PANCAKES. We were all down ! We went to IHOP where we got some eggs and pancakes for bfast! Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I am in the process of getting ready for some SF rugby 🙂 I love these Saturdays. They really are breaking me of the “structured” weekend habit that I got myself into last year and allow me to just relax and get out. Ha. Sounds like an old woman. Geez.

I will write later! Until then, let it be known that my glutes and hammies were on FIRE today. and will be until the end of time…or until tomorrow.  Can you believe its almost MARCH! Wooah.

Any readers training/interested in training for the following races:

  • Oakland Half Marathon – March 27th
  • Santa Cruz Half Marathon – April 11th
  • Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon – June 26th
  • San Francisco Half Marathon – July 25th
  • San Jose Rock n Roll Half – Oct 3rd

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2 Responses to Holy hills.

  1. omg i hate hills sooooo badly. props to you for making them a priority here! pancakes sound like an amazing post-hill food 🙂

  2. i LOVE the presidio! the hills are scary though. this running group of yours sounds pretty hardcore!

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