It’s a hill weekend apparently

Yesterday’s adventures in the city were so great. The game was at the polo fields this time in Golden Gate park. It was a little cloudy, but happy that it did not rain! During the time between the “A” team and “B” team, we were in need of some food and something warm to drink. I knew of the coffee shop that my group stops off at after our Great Highway Runs called Java Beach. It’s a cute little place that I frequented over the summer after my runs.

We decided to split a sandwich and get some chai. Alicia wanted to check out the beach real quick, so we did that and decided it was a quick photo op.

This pretty much sums up what keeps me content besides running  – a coffee, the water, and a scarf. We’re good. Yes it was real windy as you can tell. After heading back to the game, they were just at half time. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head out to the pub! Woot. I could get used to these Saturdays. (I will drive next time, Alicia. You were a trooper). We headed to Danny Coyle’s for some happy hour and food. A couple beers later and we noticed it was close to 7. The day FLEW by and I was pretty “tired”. The rest of the evening consisted of well…not too much. I had a marvelous day and would not have changed any of it!

The beers DID give me a slightly restless sleep, unfortunately. So although I went to bed early, when the alarm went off this morning, it didn’t really feel too satisfactory. Eh, whatevs. I’ll make up for it tonight.

So get this. TWO hill workouts in a row. Now, Ellen, I am a stud. My calves were still aching from yesterday so I quickly realized that time would not be an indicator of effort today. I was just really proud of the fact that I faced some fears of hills. But these hills were unlike anything. We met at the Lafayette Reservoir across the tunnel ( a reallly really quick trip, which I was surprised about and may need to visit again). I initially planned on doing the lower loop a couple of times being that it was 2.7 miles, but it didn’t really excite me too much to know that I would need to do it 3-4 times to get in my planned mileage.

So I scrapped that idea and went with the upper trail of 4.7 miles and CRAP, they were an INTENSE 4.7 miles. It was more of a hike/run than a run. I’ll admit that on those steep uphills and downhills I needed to catch my bearings and walk. Calves were screaming of the first half and literally were in full contraction mode not allowing much movement. Once they “warmed up” a bit and there were some opportunities for them to relax, the trail run got better.

If there were less monstrous hills, then I would have LOVED the run. I know I have been reading a lot about those who are getting into trail runs. I am quite intrigued after today because I loved the excitement and change of scenery and views on the trails. I will have to look into this more!!

After the 4.7 miles of craziness, I joined up with the 2.7 lower loop and ran that to achieve a mileage of 7.4 for the day. 7.4 miles of up and downs! I am going to take a look at what I am going to do for runs this week and try to squeeze in a longer run sometime. If I am (shh) thinking of a half in late March/early April, training calls for an 11 miler.

P.s. the iPod shuffle was on it today! Just when I’d get that dip in energy, BAM amazing song. I know I should not depend on music when it comes to racing, but in reality, it works for me. Until I can get to that point where my strength (inner and outer) can provide me with the results I want, why not combine my two loves of running and music if it is what allows me to pick up the pace. Obvs there are some races that don’t allow music and I realize that. I also realize that there are courtesy factors when running with music on – I try to be as aware as possible. But when I am digging deep on trail hills or track repeats or tempos, I may need a little help from MJ…for now 🙂

Anyways, great weekend runs. A little different from the usual out and backs where pace is on my mind. This past week has given me a little break from a routine and worked alternate muscle groups in movements which can only better my performance and endurance. Now, if I could only make a note to self that this week I should be doing some strength training in there…hmm..

Off to do some work for the kiddos, relax a taaaddd, and do some errands lata.

Thanks to Caroline from Boston Runner who awarded me with a Sunshine Blog award earlier this week. I’ll be tagging some bloggers later!

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4 Responses to It’s a hill weekend apparently

  1. that looks like a really cute coffee shop! girl you are crazy (in a good way) for doing so many hills. you totally owned them this weekend!!

    enjoy the relaxation. you 1500000% earned it 🙂

  2. Lacey says:

    ahhh i wish i lived closer to the ocean or a big lake. i am suuuuch a water girl (not pools) and i love teh beach in the off season. my next race- 20 miler in march- ends at the ocean! and im def planning on going in to ice my legs after 🙂

    congrats on a great and challenging weekend of running!!! glad you could have some pick you up songs, too 🙂 (what are they?? i’m always looking for new music!)

  3. finnyfinds says:

    I did a hill workout earlier this week and need to find a tougher hill, kind of like the one you described. Agreed – the iPod makes running a zillion times easier some days! It feels like an unfair advantage sometimes 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I love when the iPod is in the right sequence, makes such a big difference! Glad you had a good weekend!!

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