Turn to yoga

I was in a funk all day. I hit a wall during lunch and just couldn’t manage to bounce back after school. As a result, I was NOT down for a high intensity cardio work out at the gym. After the past few days of long, hard workouts, I couldn’t bear to put my body through another (even if it wasn’t running), knowing that Wed and Thurs would be another set of hard workouts.

Since I knew my calves needed a break, I decided to get some yoga podcasts and did some really gentle yoga. This is what I needed. Granted there was hardly any cardio involved, it felt amazing to stretch out the back and legs. My body needed something really really low impact and this fit the bill.

Until last year, I ALWAYS considered myself the type of individual who could sweat out their stress in the gym. This works for me 99% of the time. However, I realized that besides the work related stresses, there were also many mental anxieties that as a teacher, I’d feel myself having to deal with on a daily basis. I hate to admit it, but sometimes running or the gym didn’t leave me feeling calm and refreshed. I started attending yoga weekly as a first year teacher and I KNOW that what got me through that first few months of teaching was the mental strength I built up as a result of practicing yoga. (No worries. Running got me through the second half… 🙂

At the end of today’s school day, even a 30 minute yoga practice was what I needed. No extra cardio, no weights, no running. Just time to quiet my racing mind.

I’ll consider it a rest day and although it feels weird to not return home all sweaty and gross mid-week, I know I will be thanking myself tomorrow at the track 🙂

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3 Responses to Turn to yoga

  1. glad you can utilize yoga like that. yoga actually stresses me out hahah!! and yes you will be beasting your track workout tmrw because of today. woot!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Can’t imagine why your whole ENTIRE BEING would be a bit worn out after the few hills at the Lafayette Resevoir on Sunday. You are totally studly.

  3. finnyfinds says:

    I hear you. This past weekend was an emotionally terrible time for me and running went right out the window. I just couldn’t get myself to do it – I needed to focus on other things. Once I got over the hump yesterday, I ran really hard! Our minds and bodies are so intertwined …

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