The legs were on it tonight. I KNEW that the day “off” yesterday would help for sure. I went into the track workout tonight feeling so pumped up and ready to go. It was a smaller group tonight, but equally great. The group was doing a timed mile, but since I knew I was doubling up on track and tempo back to back, I opted for the original plan of 10 x 400m. Not sure why THAT seemed better to me. I think it is the mental break of run and stop 🙂 You can tell I used to play softball by that mentality I really haven’t quite kicked after 6 years of not playing (holy cow, has it been that long since I played…sigh. Gosh)

I originally read that my 400s were supposed to be 2:04 BUT according to the Mcmillan pace calculator they were supposed to be a 1:39?? I am kinda confused. So I did what any naive/novice/newbie (the 3 Ns) would do…I just pushed hard for the first one and tried to see if I could keep that pace up. Verdict: I came pretty damn close. 1:48-1:53 each time. Pretty on target and it felt amazing. Geez, that’s so awesome for me.

Last night, we had a conference call with Bobbi for the Ragnar Relay. It made me super darn excited to think about all the fun and friendships made for the weekend!! It is something super new to be involved with and a great excuse to RUN in SoCal 🙂 I’ll be posting more about that as time rolls around.

I am really considering a half before Ragnar, then taper. Possibly Santa Cruz. Training is so on target for that race on April 11th, but I am tempted to run Oakland Half with my running group. Once I get paid for March, you may see me enter a couple of races for the spring and just commit 🙂 Looks like I was bitten by the racing bug after that 10k.

On another note, I am going to commit to incorporating the Jillian Michael’s DVD back into my weekly routine. Let’s see if I can do it on cross training days (so twice) and see how that works.

I was asked about the positive thinking and if there is anything that I use to guide my journal writing. So, I thought I would touch upon that for a bit. In college, I signed up to receive emails from Daily Good which finds the positive articles, websites, videos about GOOD things that are going on. If you archive search, you will see that some things that are now more well known, like Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, I first read about and followed on this website. They have a guided quote either from the article itself or from a well-known person with a similar message. If you need something positive to start your day off, then I suggest subscribing to receive the email or bookmark the page. Many of the stories are really remarkable.

In addition to daily good, I find that if I hear a quote that I like whether it’s in a song, a homily, a website, I will usually write it down in the journal. Sometimes I’ll just write the quote and be content with that. Otherwise, I’ll write a little reflection from it. I still have my journal from senior year and I will occasionally go back and read what I had written, including those quotes.

Tonight’s daily good quote is “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. –Cynthia OzickI decided to write about the positive thinking tonight because that just HIT right home. Unfortunately, it sounds cliche to say that “I can’t take my health for granted.” But it really is one of those things that we have difficulty realizing is there until something is taken away. Not only your’s, but those of family members too. So, without making this sound as easy as it is going to appear in a blog post or as superficial it can be interpreted as, I have to make that conscious effort to not take the fact that I am healthy for granted.

I hope this little insight into my efforts (EFFORTS is the key word here…read: yesterday sucked) towards a positive mindset can shed some light to some of the resources that I use that may be an option or addition to your current ways.

What things do you do that puts you in a positive mindframe?

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3 Responses to Gratitude

  1. woot track workout! you kicked it HARD. my mcmillian pace is around that too i think. but the thought of doing that 10 times makes my stomach turn haha. i’m sooooo not a sprinter anymore!

  2. J says:

    Great job on the 400s!! Very speedy!

    I have been thinking and trying to be more positive lately and think more positive! Thanks for the link!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    Great job on the intervals! That’s intense. For some reason I tend to dread intervals more than long runs. I never really had a sprinting mindset, even though I did play softball : )

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