Indoor tempo and a reflection

It was gorgeous out today, so WHY I decided to do a tempo run indoors is kind of nuts. But, I had the workout planned for the gym since they predicted rain and hadn’t really thought of a “back-up” location. Being the weird self that I am, I knew that if I hadn’t planned on running outside and knowing the route, then I would have played the mental battle game of compromising. But I was looking for a good tempo run today.

I have a funny feeling that when it is raining this weekend I will regret that decision, but for now I’ll revel in the fact that my tempo run was stellah. I decided to do 1 mile easy, 2 miles mid length tempo, 1 mile easy, 2 miles progressive, and 1 mile easy (7 total)

My “easy pace” is like my recovery pace hovering around 10:30. My mid length tempo is 9:26 and let me explain my progressive. I did 1 mile at short length tempo of 9:10, then cranked the baby up each 0.2 miles until the last 0.25 was at my 400m time. So by the time I was towards the end of that mile, I was at a full on sprint. Ya! So it seemed like I did a little mixing of a speed and tempo workout, but either way, it felt goood. I don’t know why I packed a long sleeve wicking shirt for the gym, but I was a hot mess afterwards.

I am SO READY for the weekend. I am not sure what I am going to be doing besides the normal Saturday and Sunday runs. If I get a 7 miler in on Saturday and a 12 miler in on Sunday, then I’ll have my first 40 mile week in a LONG time.

Let me also spend some time reflecting on some changes I have made since injuring myself mid-December. I truly see it as a blessing in disguise for the very reason that it made me really evaluate what I love about running, how I am running, what I am doing before and after I run, and what I am doing in addition to improve my running.

  1. I plan things out. And when I say plan, I mean really meaningfully look at WHY I am doing a certain workout and the benefits it will have – mental and physical. I also read a TON more about running and proper form. IT made me realize that I was running with more stress to my hips and lower back. Changing my form has significantly improved (rather, relieved) the knee and back pain I used to experience.
  2. I stretch like I should be in yoga class or coming from a deep tissue massage. Reading about the foam roller and the stick (i LOVE the stick) and the massage techniques has greatly improved recovery. I sit down during TV and just stretch. I can always feel a difference the next day if I skip out.
  3. I make sure to eat something protein rich after. If I know I am going to be further from my house after a run, I pack a snack. Otherwise, I am sure to make a almond milk, fruit, yogurt, and protein powder shake after. It has also made me focus on what I am eating for breakfast and dinner, too.
  4. I meet my body where it is at. I used to get SO discouraged when I wouldn’t be able to run at a certain pace for an amount of time. This triggered such discouragement and let down during training runs. Now that I have an idea of where I am supposed to be at, I enjoy hovering around that pace and pushing if I feel I can at the end. It has also made me sit back and think, “Ok, this is where I am. If I want to get there, then I have to give myself time to do so.” Which leads me to number 5…
  5. Confidence. I used to be so self conscious that I couldn’t keep up or run at a certain pace or mileage. My IT band was a wake up call to be like, “HELLO you ran a marathon. Give yourself some damn credit.” Knowing that I’ve done the 26.2 (no matter the time nor pace) gives me the confidence I need to accept where I am at, but also be a positive influence and source of support for others because I have BEEN there, too.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me by commenting, emailing, or just reading what I had to say. After a month and a half of blogging, the thoughts are what helped me get back on track. πŸ™‚ Happy Friday ya’ll.

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6 Responses to Indoor tempo and a reflection

  1. great reflection list thingy. i was totally nodding my head!

    and i feel you about the rain forcing you indoors. there was just no way that i would have been able to get a quality tempo outside today. funny that you didn’t get any rain! i tend to always schedule the run for outside and then if the weather is as bad as i think then go to the tm rather than plan for the tm. if that makes any sense.

    in any case great work on the tempo. i think i’m just a freak who runs faster on the tm and that youre the normal one. everyone i know complains about how slow they are on the tm.

    and (wow long comment much? haha) yes i did the whole wisdom teeth thing without drugs of any kind. my mouth ached but i guess i have a high pain tolerance?

  2. kbwood says:

    this is such a great reflection list! thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience πŸ™‚

    i am so excited about rent now! yay! have a great weekdnd girl!

  3. what’s “the stick?” i LOVE my foam roller! just read your guest post on eating bender! about to email ya now

  4. Lacey says:

    sounds like you are taking really good care of yourself- good for you! and i love the list you have put together. i think everything is so important. you really nailed it!

  5. just read your guest post then found on your blog that you’re attempting the run less, run faster plan…i plan to train for the chicago marathon this summer and want to give this plan a go since last summer i got injured from overtraining. excited to read your experiences about it!

  6. ellen says:

    Hey Goddess of the run. Do you want to meet me at my house Sunday morning at ??? time? How long does it take to get to Sawyer Camp? I’m trying to be proactive and plan for once. Let me know.

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