Lands end

On Thursday night, my second guest post went up on Eating Bender. So if you are coming across my blog via that site, then welcome! As a matter of fact HI to all my readers πŸ™‚

Friday was a rest day. So running was absent. What a shockah. But today, my legs still felt tired. Hmm. Maybe I can credit that to a first friday in awhile when I wasn’t in bed by 9 haha. Not a very restful sleep. Sort of like before when I’d wake up a few hours after falling asleep and play the “Damnit, I am wide awake” game. I can probably predict a good night sleep later. As a result, it seems that rest day’s importance was lost. Bummer.

Today, I met two girls from my group for a Great Highway to Lands End run. There were stairs.


There were views.



There were trails.

And mud.

Overall, it was a good 6 miler. Granted it was raining on us the whole time! Oh yeah, and the Cliff House Hill.

Tomorrow I anticipate a nice 12 miler with the group. As for the rest of the day, I am in the midst of figuring that all out. I also have some running things to figure out, too, like races to register for ! But, alas, no rugby game this weekend 😦

Have a great Saturday.

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4 Responses to Lands end

  1. Could I be more jealous of the scenery you get with your runs?? Unlikely.

    My apt is by an industrial park so I typically run by warehouses. haha.

  2. omg that looks amazing! soooooooo jealous. all i get to run through is suburbs and the occasional industrial park haha.

  3. uh why have i never been to this spot? SO GORGEOUS! must go. although iwouldn’t run…i’d walk and savor the views πŸ˜‰

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