I have debated what approach to go with for this post, considering I am working on positive thinking. Needless to say, there was a lot of energy that I needed to draw my way in order to avoid a complete meltdown. Let me preface with in retrospect that I am fine and I know that things could have been much worse. I am thankful that I am okay and that I walked away with the minimal. Granted it’s super hard to type with my left hand, but for you guys, I’ll continue onwards.

On today’s agenda, I was planning on an 8 mile steady state/long tempo run. I wanted to see how my legs would do with maintaining a consistent 9:45 pace for 8 miles. Pretty straightforward. I knew my route and was happy to know there were no banked trails, hills, or heavy traffic. I woke up feeling 80% on the IT band but knew if I focused on my form, it should be fine. So I took off feeling great.

Headed about 3.5 miles, I was going to take a 4.5 mile route back although I could have shot straight back to take the 2 mile route back to my car. It was at this point that I passed a biker who was right where I needed to make my left to continue along my route. After the biker passed, I stepped and didn’t really notice the incline in pavement. I wiped out. Hardcore. Like LAUNCH mode. Slid across the ground and just laid on my back looking at the sky. It was at this moment that I looked at my left hand and realized that it wasn’t just a scrapping of the layer of skin. I had a gash a few millimeters deep under my pinky where the callus would be. I looked at it, (then noticed a tiny hole in one of my favorite running pants, bleeding elbow on my lovely running groups shirt, and a biker who SAW me fall and kept biking) and realized MOTHER OF GOD. My elbow was bleeding, my hands were bleeding and I had 2 damn miles left to run back to my car…to do what? clean it out myself?? I am a Physiology teacher, but I do not trust my skills at wound cleansing. As the BA I am now seeing myself as, I ran at like 5k or below pace (love how I looked at my garmin during all of this) like what I would call “gazelle-like” (or the gazelle that’s first to be attacked by the lion…sigh, my humor is back) back to my car. I immediately called home and announced that I was taking myself to the ER. Upon getting there, I realized that I didn’t have to wait as long because it was classified as “laceration” – score. They realized I was due for a tetanus shot – they score. Upon entering, they numbed my hand with this topical gel and got to scrubbing. Now as I type, I realize the gel has worn off and its painful as hell. They did their business to my hand and wrapped it up, which will be totally obvious to 100 high school students. I’ll tell them that someone messed with me. Nah, they will see right through that.

Moral of the story: What goes up, must come down? The fight or flight response is real? Motivation for my 10k on Sun? I’m a BAMF runner?

You decide. I am fine. And in writing this post, I left the really really upset me at the fall and had to do what I needed to do, as an adult and someone in gratitude that I didn’t break anything.

Oh, and I had a FABULOUS rendezvous with Stef on Sunday. We met for some tea than headed to TJ’s. Perfect. Good luck on your midterms, girl. Dinner date soon!

Thank you for all the encouraging comments about my 40 mile week. This setback won’t deter me (although holding my amphipod with my right hand will take some getting used to) and I am really appreciative of the support 🙂 You all rock. Thanks 🙂

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10 Responses to Appreciation

  1. ellen says:

    So sorry! I’ve done that sort of thing before-only mine was totally lame-tripped on the sidewalk and came up bloody. Totally frustrating.
    Are you being good to yourself? Does yourself want chocolate ice cream and a day of rest?
    Take care and keep me posted. Let me know if you need anything-I’m close by AND a mother. Could be a deadly combo-but probably not. Ellen

  2. OH NO! so sorry to hear about your wipe out. dang that sounds awful! just tell the kids, “you should see the other guy.” haha that’s what i told people when i had a black eye :). hope your “lacerations” heal up nicely, ouch! thanks for the good luck, i’ll need it! dinner soon most definitely!

  3. So sorry to hear about your fall! But I’m loving your positive attitude about the whole situation 🙂

  4. glad youre okay! and awful as the fall must have been now you can have a funny story to tell in the future. or you can just tell ppl “ninjas” like i do 😉

  5. Melissa S. says:

    oh no! sorry to hear about your fall!! but i’m glad to hear you got yourself home (totally BAMF) and are healing up now!

  6. Lacey says:

    oh my gosh i hate pavement injuries. they are the worst. road burn.. ughhh. hope you heal well and glad to hear you are okay!

  7. Wow girl!!! You’re hardcore now lol So glad you are OK though!

  8. Julie says:

    Yowza, tough fall today, hope you’re okay! In response to your question… I am a grad student and full time teacher… I have taught third grade for 6 years and I am currently taking night classes to also become a certified reading specialist.

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