Hail of a run

Yes, it hailed on me today. I didn’t think I could believe my eyes until hail went into them. Good thing I grabbed my rain jacket as I was leaving school today. I was all bundled up because it seemed that our weather switched with the east coast. Today’s weather was spastic as it went from cold, to cloudy, to bright, to windy and rainy…then to hail. I wasn’t stressing about the weather being crappy because I had a recovery run planned for today. I was going to do two loops of my regular ( ~3.7 each) for a little over 7.4 total. Good enough for me.

Now after my long rant about tired legs, why did I chose to still run today? Simple. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon so it made it easy to decide when the rest day would be. Plus, I wanted to give the legs a good stretch after their on-fire effort yesterday.

For today, I went at such snail pace, but that’s what my recovery calls for – 10.46 min/mile. It felt weird and I wanted to speed up, but I knew that the benefits weren’t in the speed for today. Plus, I looked like some characters of Willy Wonka in my rain get-up for today. My white hood tightened so as not to move (Oompa-loompa) and my blue rain jacket puffed out from the wind (Violet) provided excellent hail protection and any comic entertainment for onlookers. All in all, I took things super slow and enjoyed the run. I even saw the most AMAZING DOUBLE rainbow during the second loop. Both came out of the water  parallel to each other and looked like they were hugging both sides of the island. Really, the most beautiful scene in awhile. Second to my lovely self pulling in strong at the 10k yesterday 🙂

This week will be lower in mileage and workouts. With a rest day Tuesday, Wed will be track while Thurs is tempo. My best friend is coming to visit (!!!!) this weekend so I am super excited. I will plan to have my long run Sunday afternoon. I am soooo okay with resting up this week and considering it recovery-esq.

How’d your weekends go? I was such a little social butterfly, but I am really thankful that I met some wonderful ladies and had a enjoyable 10k. I hope to see them all again really soon! I was exhausted by mid-afternoon on Sunday. The on-the-go totally wiped me out but for really good reason.

I decided to make pizza so I am going to revel in that for a bit and then call it an early night. Thanks to all the CONGRATS on the race. As you can tell, I am soo appreciative of your comments and they encourage me even on windy hailing days as I puddle jump.

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4 Responses to Hail of a run

  1. my weekend was pretty low key. not enough work was done though!

    and woot to your weekend. congrats again.

    and hail?! crazyness!! glad youre okay

  2. it seriously hailed? lol it got gross today while i was on campus but it was sunny as it rained, weird. and i wanted to see that double rainbow, lucky!

  3. Oh wow. That’s some INSANE weather!!!!
    Yummy…pizza!!!! My weekend was ok, too short though!

  4. Great job getting out there. That’s definitely tradmill weather for me!

    And what’s up with today? It’s sunny, blue and FREEZING. :-/

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