Weekend recap

Hi all! I’ve been on the go since I got out of work on Friday. 🙂 My best friend was in town and we had the BEST time.

Friday – Went to see Temper Trap at the legendary Fillmore. This concert was unbelievable! I was only vaguely familiar with them, but we were blown away. The song I have linked here is one of my go-to tunes during running. When they started playing the song, you know I was totally pumped!

Saturday – Leisurely day 🙂 We went to the Farmer’s Market at Lake Merritt. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but by the time I get back from my runs on Saturday, it’s already packed and parking can be annoying. This weekend was the perfect opportunity to go. We saw signs for the Oakland Half! It is making me soo excited. After grabbing a latte and some yummy treats at the farmer’s market (and being asked about my Fordham sweatshirt a couple of times – turns out Fordham is sometimes known haha), we got back to my apt and ready for the afternoon. Took a drive to the Presidio

and then headed over to Sausalito! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go and this is why  –

We had such amazing weather and although the pictures do not do it justice, we had a great view as we got a sandwich, sat and read along the water. The evening consisted of Thai takeout and the Proposal. Perfect.

Sunday – I had 14 miles on the agenda. This will be the longest run to date since CIM by 2 miles. I decided to take the run to the Iron Horse Trail since I was really impressed by it last weekend at the blogger meet-up. I did 7 out and back. I was aiming for HM pace for about 8 of the miles, while 6 being at long run pace – a difference of about 20 sec. Although I accomplished this, my stomach began to flip a *%&# around mile 9-10. It did the cringing/bending more and more forward to stop the pain sorta thing. I *knock on wood* don’t experience much stomach issues, so this was out of the norm. I stopped my watch a couple times during the 10-13 miles when the stomach acted up. As a result, I ended up aiming for the 13.1 (mental accomplishment) and walked the remainder to cool down. Despite stopping the watch a couple times, I am content with the pacing of the run, considering I have been doing my longer runs at over 10 min miles. I am confident in PRing (getting under 2:13) in two weeks. We will see by how much 🙂  Here are the stats:

  • 9:36, 9:27, 9:37, 9:47, 9:47, 9:35, 9:37, 9:49, 10:07, 10:31, 10:24, 10:08, 10:12 – Overall – 13.1, 2:09:25 9:54 pace

On another note, I should have taken off work as far back ago as my hand incident. Going into school threw me off because it took me twice as long to do things. And as a result of last week’s stresses, I knew going into school on Friday that I was going to take off Monday. It is really hard sometimes to justify taking off as a teacher, but in this case, it is for the best. I RARELY take off! So yay for a day to myself… the only things on an the agenda are a recovery run and sleeping in!

I can happily say that I am pretty much out of my funk from last week 🙂 I knew this weekend was going to help and just being able to voice this tiny bump in the road allowed me to recognize what was going on and do what I needed to do. What do you do to bring your spirits up and out of a funk?

BIG congrats to those who ran this past weekend at the Shamrock Half Marathon in Sacramento!! I was thinking of ya’ll for sure. Can’t wait to hear about it.

Apologies for the long post! Happy Sunday.

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9 Responses to Weekend recap

  1. i’m very jealous of where you live. it looks soooooooo beautiful!!

    glad youre out of your funk and way to go for taking tomorrow off. i completely agree with you that it’s so hard to justify taking time off sometimes it’s just necessary. enjoy 🙂

  2. sounds like a great weekend to me, and beautiful weather today to boot! i’m so jealous you saw temper trap, i love them and have been hearing about that show at the fillmore on the radio..i think live 105 was involved right? awesome! oooh i love the presidio with all my heart, i go there all the time just to savor the views :). and sausalito is so cute and is in such a great location for spectacular SF views too! enjoy your day off!

  3. em says:

    wow what a great weekend! sausalito is the cutest town! and i love the presidio too- totally worth walking up all those hills!
    good for you for taking a day off- everyone needs a mental health day once in a while. what grade do you teach btw?

  4. Lacey says:

    ahhh the funk. actually announcing on the blog that i was “de-funking” really helped me. and then i have tried to do positive things and be behaviorally smart. like substitute things for something that might bring me down (watch less TV, get out of the house more, check things off my to do list, get a workout in every day or if it’s a rest day do something pampering), see my family.

    great job with your run! i have stomach issues all the time and it can absolutely make or break a run. i’m jealous of people who never havve trouble!!!

    and i have been to lake merritt!!!! i lived in berkeley one summer and worked in oakland (internship) and my boyfriend at the time was from piedmont so he took me to the lake and we ran around it 🙂

  5. So glad you enjoyed Sausalito, it’s one of my favorite little towns and so gorgeous! Looks like you got great weather too!

    I’m glad to see that you are out of the funk…sometimes some decompression and just hanging out with friends is what the Dr. ordered to get out of it. This weekend will be fun too!

  6. BostonRunner says:

    To get out of a funk, I just try to forget about it and look to the next run instead of the last one. It also helps me not to refer to it as a funk : )

  7. kbwood says:

    Hey girl!! glad you are out of that funk! i usually take some rest off and that helps me!

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