Day off and my infamous to-do list

…not from running, but I took a mental health day from school. Last week when things started to get ugghhh and I just couldn’t seem to bring the enthusiasm back up, I knew that a day off is what I needed. Intuitively, I planned for this when I knew March needed to be broken up. We get some 3 day weekends during Jan/Feb and then a 3 day weekend in March, then Spring Break first week in April. After all those breaks, March can be a BIT draining – and drained I was.

After such a grand weekend, Monday couldn’t have gotten any more relaxing and better. I woke up sans alarm clock !! Gosh, I do NOT remember the last time that was, considering when the weekend comes rolling around my alarm clock is set for my morning runs! Maybe winter break?? Ah. I did some work while awaiting Aron’s text to meet up for a nice recovery run. We had spoken about the Lafayette – Moraga trail and today seemed like a PERFECT fit, as we were BOTH taking off from work. Woot. My legs were feeling the 13 miles from yesterday – and I think I’ve pinpointed what was making my stomach cringe  – coffee. Both runs, yesterday and today, I had coffee before leaving the house and I had the same little pains. Today’s weren’t as bad, but I am going to say it was the coffee (for now – could be the sun? dehydration? sigh…). Some runners can have coffee before a run as it “helps them out” or it doesn’t bother them…but I have never really had coffee before running, but you best be knowin’ that I have coffee after 🙂

  • 6 mile, 10:01, 10:13 min/mile

It was really great to have someone to chat with! It made it fly by. Thanks again, Aron!

Back to my day off! I went grocery shopping and stuck to my list! Gasp, I know, Mom. I even added the chocolate chips to my list so I didn’t feel guilty haha. Woopsie. Got home, relaxed, made some sweet quinoa (literally sweet!), made an exam (i know i know, no school work! cranked it out under no pressure tho), showered, then consulted my to do list.

Now this isn’t just ANY to-do list. This is the master to-do list – 24 things to do during year 24. I got some funny looks when I talked about it on my birthday in August (Page, we have the same bday!). Why did I write this up? Well, during the school year, I would find myself in the same predicament…the weekend would come and I would WANT to do something, but didn’t know what/how/where etc. So, over the summer and written Aug 19th, I came up with a list of things to do during the year when I came across my predicament. These things range from simple yet satisfying, to larger undertakings…

For example: (larger undertakings)

  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Finish diving Pacific coast highway (semi-complete…hoping to finish it if I do Seattle RnR..MICHAEL and DAVID, let’s see if this can work!)
  • Go to a CAL bear’s homegame!

To simple undertakings

  • Read more
  • Get a pedicure
  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Sit at a bar and read

Sadly, I have misplaced my to-do list right after I wrote it – next year, I’ll add a “don’t lose this” at the end of my to-do list. But I still remember what I wrote. I usually resort to the simple activities, but I have yet to master the “go to a bar and read” one. So I did that today. I took a book that I am tearing through, partly because the owner considered it a bible and I don’t want to lose it, and second because it’s about running. I walked down the street, ordered myself a drink, and parked myself in the opened window seat for about 2 hours. Really relaxing…Now that I’ve done it, I have no qualms about going alone. Granted, I wasn’t sitting at the bar alone – I was basically outside in the sun.

Geez, sorry this was such a long post! Guess I do have a life when I am not teaching… do you have anything similar to a “to-do” list? a list of things that you always want to do and when you have the time, you’ll do?

If my memory serves me correct, I have almost done the things that I remember writing down. Maybe it is time to revisit and add on!

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7 Responses to Day off and my infamous to-do list

  1. aron says:

    so fun running with you today 🙂

  2. i totally have similar to-do lists. and they NEVER END haha

    great running, i’m jealous of the meetup! 🙂

  3. wow, you stuck to your list? i’m so impressed, i don’t think i’ve ever managed to do that! glad you had a good run with a buddy

  4. Awesome list! That’s pretty awesome that you’ve done everything on it so far….have you run the GG bridge before? If not, you can add it to your list since you are doing it this weekend!

  5. Lacey says:

    lol “don’t lose this” i love it.

    i make to do lists all the time!! i also lose my “long term” to do lists. i shoudl tack it up somewhere solid and semi-permanent.

  6. I totally have a “life’s to do list” in my head- some of them are legitimately years out of reach (financially or otherwise) but I think it’s good to reflect every now and then.

  7. Wow I LOVE that idea of a list of things to do that you never are able to do!! Going to a bar alone.. going to a restaurant or a movie alone OR a bar is hard for me but I need to take the plunge with that.

    And girl… mental breaks are MUCH needed. For sure!!! Some days you just have to take a day to yourself and do things that make YOU happy!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post tonight and I agree about the positivity!!!
    Much love dear!

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