Busy bee

Phew. It’s been a whirlwind of a week even though I took Monday off! I can safely say that my body thought I was running a race on Sunday as I was pretty much at HM pace or under for a majority of the run. Note to self: gahhh. Tuesday was a less than stellar run, and the theme continued onto Wed night track. I opted for a ladder workout of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400.

Let me set up the scene. I went early to the track in the hopes that socialite muah would find some St. Patty’s plans. Low and behold, I did. Thanks girls! I wore shorts and the Lacrosse boys weren’t out yet. I have a phobia that I will be hit in the head with a Lacrosse ball by a naive teen boy who doesn’t realize that wailing them aimlessly at the goal could result in gasp missing and hit someone running on the track. Rant over. If I get hit, then you can say that I knew it was coming. Ha.

…anyways, things seemed fab, until I started running and realized that all gas in the tank was gone. Must have left it at Iron Horse trail on Sunday. So instead of scrapping the entire workout, packing up my things and heading home for some green beer, I ditched the paces and went for effort. I figured that my best at the moment was better than nothing at all. As a result, I don’t have paces for the track workout, but I know that during the ladder workout I hit a couple of what I was hoping for, but severely missed on some others. Got in 6 miles. ‘Tis life. Onwards to part of my heritage.

Last year, I learned the hard way that going to school hung over, unless an AMAZING unforgettable evening occurred, is not worth it. Somehow students can sense the aura of a drunken evening and it is a nightmare. Instead, I enjoyed some green beer with some new lovelies that I met two weeks ago at the runner meet-up. I had a wonderful time and was in bed at a good hour 🙂

At the St. Patty’s outing, they mentioned meeting up for a run on Thursday night. I was down. I needed to shake out my ehh track workout. I ended up running with Maritza, Aron, and Marci (visiting from Canada and running LA – good luck girl) in their home loop! It was wonderful. Stealing the pic, Aron. It was a nice 6 mile run @ a 10:18 pace and lots of chitchatting.

Today, a rest day. Sigh. Love it. I immediately set out for a beer with a good friend and that is making the night complete. That, homemade pizza, and a good read. Could the evening be better? Tomorrow am is a nice 9-10 miler as I taper for the half marathon and take it easy before Sunday’s 12k. Just looking for an enjoyable challenge on Sunday. More on that tomorrow 🙂

[Re: stomach pain. I thought it might have been coffee and it very well may have contributed, BUT as the weather warms up, I realize how I am not properly hydrating! It has been a really big focus during the week to really increase uptake of water during the day teaching. I can easily forget as I go from class period to the next. I’m sure I’ll notice a difference]

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5 Responses to Busy bee

  1. so true about the hydrating playing a toll with stomach issues. as the spring moves into summer in june i always find that to be the case with me

    and awesome job with the track. sometimes i think i get too caught up in pace and should really focus on effort. after all the body doesn’t really know what a particular pace means, all it cares about it how it feels

  2. I always try to get to the track early to miss the soccer players and lacrosse people in the summertime! Right now it’s still pretty chilly up here so the track is dead; just the way I like it!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    Great job on the track!

  4. Yay! Great job at the track!

    I’m so glad you came out for a bit on St. Patty’s and for the run! I needed your company on that loop!

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