Fulfillment Friday – Mail!

Since I am relatively “new” in the world of blogging, I have been trying to figure out what other information I am able to ‘accurately’ talk about, what I am also passionate about, and to provide more consistency to my posting 🙂

Voila. Fulfillment Friday. Original? Perhaps, but not with the rhyming scheme haa.

I know I am not the only one who has weeks that rush by and as a result, it is hard to take in those smaller moments of joy that your week brought you. Sometimes they can be overshadowed by a huge accomplishment (not knocking those at ALL! but I know my weeks go through hills and valleys) or sometimes a negative experience or moment can bring one down. In an effort to continue focusing on positivity in my life whether it is at work, on a run, in afternoon traffic, or in one’s social life, I want to dedicate Friday’s post to an experience – larger or smaller – that made me smile and “fulfilled” me. And we have Fulfillment Friday, born March 26, 2010.

This week, I found fulfillment in the mail that I received or am about to receive. No, I am not talking about bills. In fact, thanks to my madre, we set them up so I can do all that online (which is a curse and a blessing for someone like me). I am talking about four things that stood out from my mail that I got!

1. A postcard from my brother in London. He went there for spring break and mailed me a postcard. The content was typical of him and made me laugh histerically. I am very much in love with traveling so I lived vicariously through him, and his *promise* to come to Cali this summer. Do you hear that, David? I have it in writing now!

2. A save the date card for my childhood best friend’s wedding. I did not always live in NY. In fact, I grew up for ten years in Indiana. I lived next door for ten years to this girl and I remember leaving to move to NY like it was yesterday. In Indiana, I had a very tight group of childhood friends and when I say “tight” I mean that our whole gradeschool seemed to travel together. Anyways, it has been years since I have seen any of them, including my friend!! It will be a great trip and I am very happy for her!

3. A box of St. Patrick’s Day cookies made by my little cousin, Dylan. I have yet to actually receive these, but plan on picking them up from UPS today! I always miss deliveries!!

4. Delivery from mom. Again, have yet to be delivered, but I signed off on it so they could leave it today! Not sure as to the contents, but that is always the fun thing about packages.

All in all, these things were a small reminder that even though I live out here by myself, I have support all over 🙂

What fulfillment did you receive this week? What stood out, little or big, in your mind?


Running! Thursday I met up with Tara and Maritza for a 6 mile loop! I love new trails and they did not disappoint. We did 6.0 in about a 9:40 pace? I don’t have my garmin on hand, but things felt great! Maritza made a yummy dinner, then we watched greys! Have to do more girls nights 🙂 Thanks, ladies.

I will be taking a big cutback in running, well I have been this week which feels really great actually when I do go out and run, for the next two days in prep for Sunday’s race! I am excited about sleeping IN tomorrow! You all know that I loveee my morning runs, but the thought of sleep then an easy easy 3 miles or so sounds lovely.

P.s. thanks for all the song suggestions!! If you have any others, post a comment!

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2 Responses to Fulfillment Friday – Mail!

  1. Snail mail is my favorite!!!! Hope you get good loot!

    Thanks for coming over last night and running and hanging out! Tres fun, chica!

    Good luck on the half in case I don’t talk to you beforehand!!

  2. d.a.r. says:

    I love getting mail, especially packages! Way better than coupons and bills!

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