Fulfillment Friday – Going with the flow.

As I look back on my week, I noticed that there were a lot of things going on in the evenings. These things kept me busy and distracted for my spring break (which when you read this I will be minutes closer or already on it! yipppee!). I remember last year that the week before any break was an ETERNITY.

So this week’s fulfillment friday will be the fact that I went with the flow of things for the week, did not drown in the “ughhh it’s only TUESDAY mentality”, and put Sunday behind me.

1. Softball. I went to my high school girl’s softball game on Tuesday and Thursday. You read about the one on Tuesday, but yesterday I had a couple of my students rushing me out the door so we could go to the game. They got me out of my classroom by 3:30!! I really enjoy going to their games and showing support. Since it is a game I played since I was 11, I love the cheering and comraderie that softball (/baseball) provides.

2. Three feel great runs. After Sunday, I was feeling a bit blah about everything and how the half actually went. The runs that I had for this week were NOT structured in the least bit – they were more of a “figure it out when I get there” sort of thing. As you read, Monday’s recovery and Wed’s track were surefire confidence boosters and last night’s impromptu tempo didn’t either. I met up with Kristin, Tara, Aron, and Maritza for a run and we broke into our paces pretty quickly as the first 3 miles are a steady incline. After those 3 miles @ 10 min/mile, my goal was to (1) use the bathroom since I’d been sitting at that game for a bit and (2) run a 3 mile @ short tempo using the decline as my bff. The run downhill was @ a 9 min/mile, ending at an average for 9:30. Pleased. Felt amazing to have those three runs unstructured and FUN.

3. Races. Santa Cruz Half Marathon – April 11th. There’s always another race and with the theme of going with the flow, I decided to take the advantage of a “14 miler” on my calendar for Ragnar Relay and do a 13 mile race instead 🙂 My goal: to have  a freakin’ good time and enjoy Santa Cruz. I also registered for Bay to Breakers in May woo woooo.

So my fulfillment this week had more to do with running – but to be honest, after my mindset crossing the finish on Sunday, I think running and the faith to learn and move on was what did the trick for this week.

In the mix: I am going to do a march recap this weekend, answer a reader’s email about my routine as a teacher and runner, and how I spent two spring breaks in college traveling to Latin America.

What are some memories (or lack thereof) of your spring breaks in college??

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5 Responses to Fulfillment Friday – Going with the flow.

  1. i never did anything crazy on my spring breaks (sadly i just got back from my last one a couple weeks ago!) but used that time to recharge from my crazy busyness. i think i’d need an extra week if i went to cancun or some other typical place

    enjoy spring break!! wahoo!! and awesome that you picked out a race to replace your 14 miler. i’m envious of all your racing 🙂

  2. jeri says:

    Thanks for the comment on my 5 mile race! Whoo whoo for the upcoming 1/2. I think the 1/2 holds my heart. 🙂 I added you to my reader….excited to see how it goes!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    Great job, feel good runs are great, I’ve been doing a lot of unstructured runs lately and its been so nice!

  4. kbwood says:

    i love feel good runs! which i havent had one in a WHILE! haha, loving taking a break from running tho!!!
    spring break-nothing exciting so far!

  5. I danced on a bar in Vegas for like 3 hours with my girlfriends. I also came home from that trip with a new, long-distance boyfriend. Hahahaha FAIL!

    Happy Spring Break!

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