Don’t rain on my parade

Cue Barbara Streisand. You can imagine the excitement when it was sung on Glee as their concluding number of the season.

Anyways, this is what I was singing to myself when in the middle of my run this afternoon the clouds opened up and BAM it started pouring! This song was followed by any song that had rain in it. Anything to keep my mind off of the fact that I was getting soaked.

Also appropriate: I wanted to do a post on what I use to hydrate and keep energy up during runs. (ya know, besides singing to  myself).

In the fall, the fuelbelt and I had a falling out. The fuelbelt works for some people, but NOT for me. For any run usually over 6 miles, I need to either plan out my run to stop by water or bring along my Amphibod handheld. Some runners prefer the fuelbelts, but I have gotten used to carrying it in my hand. Trust me, when I carried it for the first couple runs I was SO ANTI holding onto something, but I think I had more anger towards the fuelbelt shifting and adding so much bulk to me. Sigh. When I fell, I couldn’t put it over my the cut on my hand until like 2 weeks ago. I didn’t use it on the half marathon, but I will this weekend. I’ve never held onto something during a race, and probably wouldn’t unless it is a half or more.

My point: HYDRATION is very important. Hydration BEFORE it becomes obvious that you need to. I found that the powdered Gatorade (G2) worked well for me. NOT BOTTLED Gatorade. It came to my attention that the bottled gatorade has high fructose corn syrup in it and while running, it made my stomach feel like a brick. Recently, I came across NUUN and I am really excited to try their flavors. My container is almost done (it’s lasted a while!), so I thought I’d be fun to try out different replenishers to see if there is something that works better.

What do you drink while running, or post running?

I also became a fan of Clif Shot Blocks and they have worked well for me. During the half marathon, I grabbed a Gu with Caffeine and it helped SO MUCH. So I stocked up on some different flavors of Gu to try out during the longer runs. I had the Jet Blackberry with Caffeine and I could notice a difference.

The check-out lady commented that I picked “pretty colors”. Now, some runners may be like “Actually, I chose them because they have caffeine and the best taste and consistency”, but for me I responded with “YEP. That’s EXACTLY how I chose them” HA. That and the fact that I like the fruity ones, and am quite curious about the Espresso..hmm. During a longer run, I tend to take them about half way. For my half marathon, I will probably take two to keep the energy levels higher.

What products do you use before, during, or after race to refuel?

I find these topics SO interesting and since I am a physiology geek, I always think about how certain things will affect the body.


My Sunday run was an easy recovery 5 miler. No garmin, no pacing…sweet!  Today’s was a 7 mile – 2 mile easy, 3 miles @ medium tempo, 2 mile easy. It started raining mid-way through my run and my legs were frozennnn!

I am very much enjoying a break from the schedule I shared with you on Saturday, because it is spring break!! Yay. Lots of running, reading, movie-watching, eh hem drinks, and adventures! Relaxation. Can I get an amen on that one!?

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7 Responses to Don’t rain on my parade

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi – I’m a new reader and have been enjoying your posts! I have also been experimenting. After exclusively using GU, I tried Honey Stingers over the weekend. It worked ok but I wasn’t to keen on the taste. I also started drinking Cytomax which has really helped me a lot. But after reading this, I may also experiment with powdered Gatorade too (honestly, I never knew it existed). Thanks!

  2. eatspinlive says:

    Hey girl! Thanks for another really great post! I am going to attempt a mini triathlon this summer and have been trying to find good fuel for before and during the race! I keep reading really great things about those shot blocks but I haven’t tried them yet! I usually drink vitamin water before working out and lots of water during spinning! Thanks for the information 🙂 I am excited to read more!

  3. BostonRunner says:

    Great job on the runs this week! I LOVE Glee, and that song on the show was soo good : )
    I drink plain old simple water. I’m not the biggest fan of other kinds of drinks and I don’t think I’ve ever really run far enough to need those or gu. Gu kind of freaks me out and I’m kinda hoping I can get through my half-marathon without them..

  4. jeri says:

    Oooh let me know how the blackberry one works, I haven’t tried that one. I love the espresso and the tri berry though. also the vanilla one. 🙂

  5. Lacey says:

    A to the MEN sistahhh 🙂

    i love gels with caffeine. shot bloks with caffeine. and/or added sodium (margarita flavored clif shot bloks! yum! and supposedly they are “cramp busters”). i drink nuun but only because i got a buttload of samples of it 🙂 i haven’t tried anything else due to laziness.

  6. diana says:

    I love NUUN!!!! I also ditched the fuel belt, way to annoying adjusting it every 30 seconds. The hand held did a take a little bit to get use to, but now doesn’t bother me at all. We’ll see how things go in the summer with it though. I use Hammer Gels, which I love, they taste pretty good too.

  7. That blackberry one is my new favorite, although I love triberry, orange and vanilla lately. I kind of ODed on chocolate and espresso. I usually also use plain water or diluted bottled Gatorade (lemon-lime always.)

    Happy Spring Break week!

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