Taper race taper race

Just a little check in.

It has been an interesting few weeks. Here’s why:

Race – Taper – Race – Taper – Race…Relay.

WOOooooey. In the past, I have always trained with a race as the culminating event. And as you ponder and think, yes, that’s usually how it goes – for most. When I started back with running (and blogging), the ONLY event I had on my agenda was Ragnar Relay April 23-25. There weren’t any talks of 10ks,12ks, Half Marathons…etc. I gave myself an ample amount of time to get back into the swing of things, which in retrospect went MUCH better than I (or anyone really) anticipated. So throwing in multiple races helped in my training 🙂 But it’s also caused a change in the training I am used too. It has been interesting to increase the intensity of training with these races, but I have really enjoyed these multiple taper periods after I made it to 40+ miles/week in March.

Taper has coincidently occurred 😉 during my spring break. I took yesterday off and today was a 5 miler. I pick up my race packet tomorrow for Santa Cruz Half and am really excited for another expo! As I mentioned last friday, there is only one set goal for this race and it is to HAVE A FREAKIN’ FUN TIME. I took to this theme during my training the past week as I put down the watch for a few runs, didn’t look at the pace for some others, or set more reasonable pace goals for longer distances. I know this race is a little different as it has a trail for some of it and narrow spaces for others. I will be sure to report on how that goes!

I’ve spent the last couple days in the sun, going to San Francisco, reading, etc… I will be sure to catch up on your blogs soon!

I enjoyed reading your comments about what you use during your runs. I, initially was freaked out by GU, Shotblocks, anything gooey…but being the sweet tooth that I am, I got used to them pretty fast.

[Confession: All the marathon talk that I’ve seen on facebook, twitter, and your blogs have made me entertain some ideas, which I quickly dismissed until later in the year or next year HA]

As I said, this is a quick update for a post.

How have you been? When’s your next running event or just exercising for fitness?

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11 Responses to Taper race taper race

  1. well my next event is boston 🙂 t-12 days!! after that who knows?! i’m feeling a bit burnt out so some off time might be what i need and running solely for fun might be in order.

    have fun in the race! sounds like a blast 🙂

  2. HAVE FUN with this race!!! I’m running a half on Saturday too, with the goal to keep it easy and have fun! We’ll see, I’ve never been good about keeping those types of goals.

    Are you running with anyone? That defiinitely makes the race far more fun!

    • Good luck! Yay! I know. I am going to try to “have fun” – I figure that is better than setting a crazy goal and falling flat on my face haha. No, I am not running it with anyone. I impulsively signed up for this one haha.

  3. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    Tapering/time off is just as valuable as time training. Relaxing and focusing on other things is no shame!
    I used to think of myself as long distance and half marathoning to boot but I’m thinking about going for 5Ks for a while. Who says you can’t change? It’s not about distance.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have enjoyed the shorter races and the mentality associated with those. After the marathon, I banished any distance above a half haha. So the 10ks fit in perfectly 🙂

  4. jeri says:

    good luck and have fun on the HM this weekend! my next race is my 1st full in Green Bay mid-May. Little over a month to go…eeeeeeeek! I made myself have a full year of solid running/training before I started training for my 1st full. Might be a bit extreme, but I REALLY wanted to make sure I would stay injury free and knew that would help my chances. So far so good! (heavily knocking on wood… 😉 )

  5. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the SC half! Have a great time!!

    My next race is the 199-mile relay! Whoo relays!

  6. Sounds like the perfect spring break. I totally get caught up in all the marathon chatter too. In fact I still feel a little caught up in it and can’t decide if I want to do one this year or not.

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