Next steps

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my Santa Cruz Half Marathon.

“So when’s your next race? Tomorrow?” Yaaa, thanks to the friend who asked me that. I know. It’s been a crazy month and that comment is well supported with evidence. What can I say – I had a good past four weeks!!

BUT I took Monday and Tuesday off. I went to bed at 8:15 on Sunday and Monday night and felt really well rested the past few days. The only ache that I had was a tightness in the back of my right calf. So, the two days off did the trick and I went for a wonderful 7 miler this afternoon. I ‘forgot’ a watch, so instead I busted a move with my iPod and rocked out to the shuffle playlist I had made (and didn’t use) for Sunday’s half. I was mooovvinn’ and things felt fluid.

During the past two days (er, weeks maybe hehe) I have spent analyzing what the next few months of training will look like for me. I have a nice schedule of races ahead and an ample amount of time to train. I realized that these past 3 months have been wonderful at establishing a base – a base with a couple of races thrown in to see where I am at. And where I am at, as per the past two half marathons, were minor setbacks mentally. In retrospect, my training was never geared towards a half marathon plan, just a “get back in it” plan, culminating with Ragnar next weekend. With Ragnar right around the corner, I’ve spent a lot of time planning what the next few months will be. And I am SO excited to start training with a pretty spectacular base to work with.

Here is a rough idea. [This may or may not be rambling…not sure. You’ve been warned.]

[Entry pending – gotta wait until tax returns] I want to culminate (loving that word right now) my training with America’s Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego in mid August. That would allow me to create a well structured plan for the upcoming weeks and also allow me the summer (omg! hi, summer!!) to focus on the training for a half marathon with this solid base I’ve established. In the mix, I have the See Jane Run Half marathon and then the San Francisco Half Marathon both with some local ladies. In looking at the training plan of Run Less, Run Faster, I modified the long runs to accommodate those half marathons during those weekends. I also want to add in some the shorter races for my tempo runs. There are some great summer runs in the city that could easily become my tempo nights 🙂 and the track, well, I am obsessed with you and I will never leave your side. That is, until one of the lacrosse balls fly at my head one more time and I go “teacher” on them.

My plan is to keep my focus on the tempo, track, and long runs, but I also want to add a fun/recovery/easy run (aka garmin, watch, and pace free) – so it’s looking like 4 runs/week. As for the other days of the week, HELLO CROSS TRAINING. I failed miserably at this and right when I found something that I enjoyed in the cross training world (rowing and weights), I couldn’t do them any longer because my hand failed to grip without pain. However, since it healed like a champ, I am getting back to cross training. This will help me in trying to not become mileage obsessed, but more quality obsessed :). I even wrote out a routine to try to stick with for cross training workouts – woo!

So right now, I am just thinking and rambling about the next steps after I return from the relay. The next ten days will be spent just kinda…umm..errr…running and relaxing. Duh, until the relay is over. Then it gets structured again.

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed when planning out their workouts or training schedule? Like, sometimes I need to step back and be like “woah, this is supposed to be a stress relief, not causing me to overthink!” Am I the only one?? What are your thoughts?

{ps. i am totally reading everyone’s blogs. i think it’s because i’ve been going to bed so early that I haven’t had time to comment. when I am sitting lazily on my bum friday, expect comments and love.}

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2 Responses to Next steps

  1. i was going to ask the same question your friend did 😉

    i’ve never actually written my own plan so i’ve never felt overwhelmed. i think i would because you get to see EVERYTHING that way. sure i modify my plans but i don’ t have to look beyond this week.

    but it sounds like you have a good solid train of thought. and wahoo to ragnar

  2. BostonRunner says:

    My new plan is to not have a plan haha. I don’t even called it training anymore really. I followed a plan all winter for no real reason and I’m kind of sick of it. I just go with it. I know I’ll be ready come race day.
    Your race plans look great!

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