A need for speed.

Whoah! Back to back days of posting. I’m pretty sure I missed you all.

I packed my bag this morning with a feeling of uncertainty about what my workout would be. All my talk about planning yesterday after the relay made me forget that I still have a little bit of time before then. I got so amped up for a speed workout, but realized I left my stopwatch and garmin at home. In a distorted sense, I was excited to change locations and go to the gym to plug in a pace and let ‘er rip.

So, I know I wanted to do speed. But what was I feeling?? 400s? 800s? a ladder? As I drove to the gym, I was thinking about what I wanted to do…Who am I fooling? I was thinking about it all day.

12 x 400 sounded appealing. After the first 4, I was like AHH, but kept with it. Each round I found a song that kicked things up a notch and went with it again. I decided to start things at a 7:30 pace, then negative split it slightly each time. I don’t have it written down, but I am assuming that my pace hovered @ 7:15 for the 400s. This doesn’t include the 0.15 mile recovery between them. Including warm up and cool down, my total was 5.5 miles. I was SO GROSS when I finished, but it felt amazing to let the legs go to town. To be honest, after those first 4, I decided to up the pace and saw my legs settle into a rhythm. I am curious to start things off closer to the 7:20 pace then negative split from there. I know I had some times closer to 7 min/miles a few weeks ago at a track workout, so I will make that a target the next time I chose 400 repeats. Success.


I registered for the See Jane Run Half marathon on June 5th after hearing rumors that it was close to selling out! Whether it is or not, I know how upset I was when Seattle RnR sold out a couple weeks ago right before I was going to pay, so I knew to be safe than sorry.

Anyone else excited that it is almost the weekend!! Eeek.

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3 Responses to A need for speed.

  1. 12X400 is such a great and hard workout! i don’t think it will ever sound appealing to me but it totally works you hard. success indeed 🙂

  2. Wow, very impressive speed workout! I really need to start hitting up the track and doing some workouts like that!

  3. jeri says:

    great job on the tough speed workout. it’s fun to get in the zone on those!

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