Fulfillment Friday – Sleep.

Ah, another work week over. The spring break really helped me be able to sit back and relax, but there is something about breaks that I have not mastered yet – sleeping. Perhaps it could be the unpredictable nature of each day and the fact that it throws my usual sleeping pattern off. Saturday’s lack of sleep followed by the Santa Cruz Half put me way off as far as coming back to school in a “well rested” state.

I won’t be complaining anytime soon, because the break was filled with things that I don’t get to do too often – to enjoy some ‘me’ time and go with the flow of the days. Ahh…when is it summer? Rather, I may do this during the weekend.

Back to the sleep part. I really made sure to focus on catching up on this during the week and got in bed earlier (granted I go to bed early, like 9-9:30) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening at like 8:30. I also hit snooze repeatedly each morning knowing that I had everything ready to go at school. Instead of coming into the weekend feeling sooo ready to put my head to the pillow, I am really pumped about starting the weekend off right 🙂

I think the sleep plus two great days of running (man, I am still on the up n’ up from yesterdays) equal a good mood. Granted, I am writing this post before my 6th period comes and after I just ate lunch so there could be some variables that are change my mood HA.

Anyways, my fulfillment came from catching up on sleep and making sure I am healthy and ready for Ragnar Relay, which I am sure will leave me exhausted!



Updated: Amanda has this great challenge of making 3 changes for 30 days!

  • Add core and strength training 3x/week – perfect timing for integrating into training plan
  • Take a step outside my comfort zone! So “101 of friend making” but meet more CA people!! 🙂
  • Disconnect from computer/fb/email/bbm/twitter/blogging…you name it and read instead. FINISH at least 2 books that I have begun, but not completed.
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2 Responses to Fulfillment Friday – Sleep.

  1. awesome youre making sleep a priority. often that’s the first thing to go when life gets crazy for me. glad youre in a good mood and good luck this weekend 🙂

  2. RunToFinish says:

    amen sleep sister!! I have learned that it’s a must for me to be a nice happy person, so I just have to really focus on planning life in a way that makes it possible to get enough

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