“And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh” – Lady Gaga’s Telephone

If we cannot text with food or drink in our hand, then what makes us think we can text with a 3,000 pound vehicle in our hands?

I fall victim to this. Horrible…what makes things worst is that I have been involved in a car accident involving a cell phone.

3 days after I moved to California, I was on the freeway and as traffic slowed, the driver in front of me came to a complete stop. I stopped. The woman behind me didn’t. As I looked in my rearview, as we always do to just thinking “hey, hope they see my break lights”, I never thought that I’d think “Holy *@^% they aren’t.” The woman didn’t hit her breaks in time and slammed into the back of my vehicle, propelling my car forward into the man in front of me. After the back and forth (mine being the middle car) ping pong effect, I reacted hysterically. I had two friends in the car and they took care of everything. The first thing that came out of the woman’s mouth was “I am so sorry. I was on my phone.” Weeks of dealing with insurance, car repairs, and general inconveniences obviously does not equal a life lost; however, none of this should have occurred if she wasn’t playing with her phone.

Has this changed my attitude while driving in a car? Slightly. But I feel like I go through wake up calls, then it dwindles. Almost like I play Russian Roulette when I chose to send a text message. However, until I saw the recent commercials on TV, did it really sit. The AT&T commercials (This one of a person receiving a message and killedthis one of a person sending a message and killedthis one sending a message and left with brain damage) catch me off guard whenever I am watching TV.

I obviously am not one to be preachy because I find myself sending messages while driving or sending someone a message when I know they are in the car. After being in an accident as the result of a cell phone, I am not sure what wake up call will take effect to make it end. And to be honest, I never want to have a reality check like that.

I was thinking about my 3 changes for the next month as per Amanda’s challenge. One of mine is disconnecting from technology. At first, I said this was only for ya know, being at home and turning the computer and phone off, but why stop there.

I signed Oprah’s No Phone Zone Pledge – and I highly encourage you to do so also. On her website [side note: I can only take Oprah in small dosages and understand her annoyance; however, she has a point here] there is a clip where she talks to an audience member surrounded by two people who have been in an accident and gives them a wake up call. I feel that person is me, except I’ve already been in the accident and have not “woke up” – until now.   She has many, many of her guests sign it especially young people. As some of my students start to drive, I feel hypocritical telling them not to use their phone when driving.

California and New York are among the states that ban texting while driving, but this is not the case in all the states. Check out the website to see whether your state bans texting. However, just because there isn’t a law, does not mean there aren’t people trying to make it a law. If your state does not have a law yet, there are letters attached to send to your local governments to ban them.

This commitment is one that I will hold to beyond the “30 days” – Friends and family, if you know I am messaging you while driving, call me out. If I send you a text when driving, don’t respond. I will survive.

Mom & Dad –  it took me 10 years of driving to get the message. Consider it received.

My aim is not to guilt anyone. I understand how much of a habit it is to break. I just hope that the occurrence decreases, then ceases. Take a look at the pledge and consider whether you’d like to make it too.


6 miler at Sawyer camp today! Each time I go to Sawyer Camp, I fall in love with the route and scenery all over again. I ran with Sarah and we enjoyed a 10 min/mile pace, chatting the whole time! But man, my legs were killing me! It was the track workout still lingering in my legs. I took to the mat yesterday doing some at home yoga via Exercise on Demand. But when the girl in the video stayed in downward dog for repeated moves, my wrists weren’t feeling it, so I decided to do my own flow. I don’ like shutting off videos, but it was getting excessive. So my flow involved lots of hip openers, sun salutations, and warrior sequences. Felt amazing.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Thanks for reading through my serious moment 🙂

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8 Responses to Telephone

  1. Mom says:

    Nice job. 🙂

  2. Luckily, I don’t own a car so I don’t have to worry about this so much myself. However, my mom and sister both drive and talk on the phone without a hands free device because its legal to where they live.

  3. i turn my phone on silent (not vibrate but real silent) or 100% off when i’m driving. i have the tendency to not be able to ignore a ringing phone for whatever reason so it’s best for me to just remove the temptation.

  4. Ugh – I’m TERRIBLE for this too 😦 I do use a hands-free device when I make calls but it’s just SO tempting to check emails/texts when they come in on my blackberry and reply to them if I’m sitting in traffic at a red light.

    I’ve started putting my purse (with my phone in it) in the backseat so I’m not tempted to look at it while I’m driving. I’m working on it but it’s a tough habit to break!

    Great post.

  5. eatspinlive says:

    I loved this post girl!! I really get nervous when I see people driving and texting! And being in that type of accident must have been pretty scary! I am sure you opened a lot of eyes with your story! I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

  6. I am so so guilty of texting while driving. shame on me, I need to break this habit!

  7. Tara says:

    ugh…I have had my fair share of moments where I was using my phone in the car and I have been working on just keeping it in my purse, so I don’t even get tempted to play with it! It’s a simple thing that really does save lives!

    On a happier note it was great seeing you this weekend!!! 🙂

  8. Kristen says:

    I have to admit – I actually watched that Oprah show where she had the “No Phone Zone Pledge.” I immediately got online and signed it vowing now to be on the phone in the car and of course, not more than a few days later I caught myself doing it again. I feel like I am getter better but still I am guilty.

    It was really great to meet you this past weekend! Hopefully we will all be able to meet up again soon.

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