I am trying to break the habit – the cell phone habit. Since Saturday’s post, it has been difficult, but I’m stickin’ to it πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comments on it.

[Confession: It is crazy how much a good run can help out your mentality. I was so “tired” of having crappy longer runs that I wanted to retreat back into my car and drive home today. But let me back up and talk about Sunday, then explain how today helped pick up my tiredness]

On Sunday, I met up with a bunch of wonderful local bloggers! Some new and not as new faces accompanied me along a grueling 8 miler. I say “grueling” because I could still feel the track workout in my legs. Looking back, I should have planned at going at a recovery pace instead of the run turning into a recovery pace. I think that would have made it less grueling in my mind if I knew I should have gone at that pace instead. Despite the ehh run, the company was wonderful and I had a great time chatting it with new friends πŸ™‚ Definitely meeting up again in the future.

Today I set out to do a pick-up run. I used the miles that I hit a headwind as the “easy miles” and the rest as my some pick-up miles. I think I’m saying pick-up instead of tempo because the paces are super inconsistent and not aligned to what my tempo pace should be. Fail on that. BUT, I really enjoyed the last 2.6 miles for SURE. They sure were a confidence booster after the wind caught me. The pick-up run became a pick-me-up.

  • 6.61 miles, 1:03 @ 9:34 pace

9:42, 10:05, 9:47, 10:36 (WIND, didn’t fight it), 8:37, 9:00, and last .61 @ 9:00

With that, I have a TON to do before heading south for Ragnar on Thursday morning. I have to take my car in for a service after school, attend a meeting, pack for the race, and purchase last minute items. I’ll get it done. Just stinks that a run isn’t on that list. Probably not a bad thing because ya know, running 19 miles Fri-Sat will be enough for me haha.


On another note, I came across a blogger who went from being a vegetarian to going back to eating meat to incorporate protein into her diet. As a vegetarian athlete, I encounter this question and have spoken to a nutritionist.Β What do you get your source of protein from?? This has been interesting for me to read up on, especially athletes, and how they obtain protein from non-meat sources. I became a vegetarian during my senior year of college and since running has picked up tremendously in the past few months, I am looking to incorporate higher sources of protein into my diet since I’ve become ravenous. What do you eat?

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10 Responses to Pick-me-up

  1. Ted says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Sometimes, you just have to go out and enjoy the runs. I usually get my protein from peanut butter and protein shakes. Not the diet shakes, the muscle building recovery shakes. I also like to have lean meat like beef tenderloin for protein.

    You did the Oakland half in 2:13:58. Did you run with us in the 2:15 group?

    • I did not run with a pace group. I didn’t even realize there were pace groups πŸ™‚ Good to know. Thanks for the input on protein intake. I have to buy some recovery shakes to have immediately afterwards. Any suggestions on what you like?

      • Ted says:

        My favorite recovery shake is the optimum nutrition 2:1:1 vanilla flavored mixed with whole milk and a tablespoon of Hershey’s liquid chocolate milk mix. Nestle’s powder is good too. The chocolate flavored mix is not nearly as good. Since today was a weight lifting day for me, I had a scoop of optimum nutrition and a scoop of CytoSport Muscle Milk in the same container. My son likes the muscle milk mixed with water. He just chokes them down.

        I had my own pace group for the 2:15 time. We finished at 2:15:36 on the clock with chip times of 2:13:58. I am going to do a better job next year and get more volunteers to carry signs.

  2. aron says:

    i dont eat meat either and was actually shocked at how much i got when i started tracking my food. i get way more than enough since its hidden in so many things. yogurt, cheese, cereal, vegetables, beans, eggs, it all adds up! i bet you get more than you think too πŸ™‚

    so fun on sunday! glad you had a good time πŸ™‚

  3. kbwood says:

    girl protein powder, beans, tofu, tempeh, eggs..thats all awesome! protein powder is so versatile!

  4. jeri says:

    I’m so jealous you’re doing ragnar. I did the wild west relay in colorado last summer and it was a BLAST! Have fun!! πŸ˜€

  5. BostonRunner says:

    Protein is always a toughy for me. I THINK I get how much I’m supposed to: usually from greek yogurt, peanut butter and I eat a type of whole wheat pasta that is high in protein.
    Keep up with breaking the cellphone- I need to do this.

  6. Kristen says:

    Very interesting post! As someone who is slowly becoming vegetarian I struggle with this (I say becoming because the one time I tried to quit cold turkey I failed. I am slowly trying to work it out of my diet hoping I get to a point where I just don’t miss it anymore.) I will have a great week and then one morning wake up and just be craving protein.

    Maybe those recovery shakes will do the trick.

  7. Melanie A. says:

    Just curious: what did your nutritionist recommend?

    Never worried about protein in twenty-four years of vegetarianism; as aron points out, it’s in a lot of plant sources. Try quinoa, chia, and amaranth with your beans and tofu instead of rice.

  8. sarah says:

    I love adding garbanzo beans or Trader Joe’s baked tofu to salads for extra protein….

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