RIP Asics and April Rewind

Today I retired my DS trainers for, well, another pair of DS trainers. And this is perfect timing to do an April rewind because my shoes brought me to the end of April. I noticed on the relay that my feet, calves, and knees were starting to feel the worn down aspect of the shoes. I took them out on their last spin today for an easy 5 miler in the neighborhood. This was the first run post-relay. I took 4 days off ! HA. And what’s weird is that each of those days were absolutely necessary. I didn’t fight it.

Let’s take a look at the shoes that I am retiring compared to the exact same new pair. Each millimeter of difference we can say is due to 100 miles 🙂

WOWzahs. Does my ankle rotate in or what?? If we can’t tell, my new pair is on the right. It is also hard to see, but the padding on the bottom is almost a quarter of an inch difference. And yes, I put my shoes on the table. FAIL. These shoes took my many miles and did NOT bother any parts of my body one bit. SUCCESS. Let’s look at the left foot.

Eycarumba. (Spell check does not even know where to begin to correct my horrible spelling there). Left ankle WINS with the twisting. It’s almost as if the shoe on the left is trying to make a move on the right shoe. This picture is a little easier in seeing the difference in the padding. Wait, it gets better.

Zoom that baby in. Yes, I ran this past weekend with my ankle bone rubbing against the side…so much that it created a whole. My ankle bone is that strong. I obviously overpronate. Obviously. If anyone has any insight on overpronating and tips to prevent exhibit A, B, and C from happening, then let me know. Otherwise, I will take the advice that I can already feel coming my way and “Get new shoes before they get like that” 🙂

Anyways, I have these new ones now and I will be MUCH better at tracking the mileage that I have in them.

Sweet! Moving on.

April Stats: (phew, I just checked my March Rewind to see if I promised you pace and time…Nope. I knew myself well and will try for May.

Miles: 86 miles

Time and Pace: Unknown….this time I KNOW I have time to start recording it.

Days Off: 13

Races: 2

Alright alright, before I give myself crap for the number of days off rises and miles going down, I have to remind myself that this month was dubbed “Taper Race Taper Race”.

I came into April recovering from Oakland Half Marathon on March 27th. I, then, entered a slight taper in preparation for Santa Cruz Half on April 11th. Then, recovered from that and then entered a little taper for Ragnar Relay.

Let’s be honest, rather, let me be honest with myself. I was tired in April. It wasn’t hard to figure that out. Instead, the hard part was admitting that I was tired with Ragnar still ahead of me. Do I regret doing two half marathons in 3 weeks?? Absolutely not. My body just needed the rest and with the 13 rest days, it sure got it. In fact, I would do it again in a heartbeat, but in the experience I know what I would change. That is the benefit of doing races to track progress – you figure out what works and what doesn’t work, then give it another go. For example, Ragnar taught me not to run after pizza. GASP. Ha.

This month I also tried a couple new products!

I had abandoned GU’s early in my running career. Actually, they were Clif Shots. I never went back to the gooeyness, until the clif blocks started to not settle right when I was running, which allowed me to pursue other options. I can say that having a bit of the GU before a run begins, then finishing it during the run is the way I’ve been doing it (well if they are medium distances. I take another one in increments after that). It helps for SURE and I could really feel them on my training runs. I re-stocked my supply with the same flavors. What GU flavors do you recommend?

At San Jose Rock n’ Roll Half, Cytomax was handed out. Now, I have a MAJOR SWEET TOOTH, so this is right up my darn alley. I also know runners who detest the sweetness, or don’t like Cytomax in genera. I tested the tangy orange on my run today, putting a packet in my amphipod and I was ready to go. I will have to test it out on my longer runs this weekend. One of my teammates swore by Cytomax, so I thought I’d give it a try since my gatorade was done! I have another flavor, “Go Grape” so we will see how that goes. Remember, my tastebuds are crazy so I am not sure how reliable my recommendations are 🙂


What’s up in May?

Bay to Breakers 12k and a Sunset Run 5m (not really a race, more of a fun run!)

I have a half marathon the first weekend in June that fits into a larger 16 week plan for a half marathon in August. I am really excited to be ready to train with a goal time and a solid base. PR or bust come August!

p.s. are you proud of my photos?? I am. Now let me clean my kitchen table since the shoes were on them.

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4 Responses to RIP Asics and April Rewind

  1. yay new shoes! that’s probably one of the most exciting things that happen to me haha! great april even though you felt tired during it. the general consensus seems to be that april was a tiring month. it totally was for me too

    looks like you have a great may coming up 🙂 enjoy!

  2. I can’t stand getting rid of my shoes even for the exact same pair, I just get really attached to them!!

    GU still makes me sick, but Hammer gels and clif shots work ok for me

  3. I LOVE gu Jet Blackberry and the Mint Chocolate. I also LOVE Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon…it tastes like pie filling. Seriously. Deeeelish!

  4. d.a.r. says:

    Woohoo! Yay for new shoes 🙂

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