An attempt..!?

Ohh Sunday nights. How as I teacher I dread you! (But alas, once Monday comes and goes, the anxiousness fades).

Sunday nights usually go a little something like this BAHHHH.

Except last night was a little different. Β A much more welcomed different. A couple days ago, Meghann sent out an invite on her blog for anyone who wanted to meet up for dinner Sunday night. We went to Herbivore in San Francisco. This was my kind of place and I was happy to hear that there is one in Berkeley!

I met a bunch of wonderful new ladies – fellow bloggers and readers! I also got to see my gal, Stef, who I met up for coffee a few weeks ago. We vowed not to let as much time go between hanging out next! Then again, we did have a crazy two months! She also snapped a picture of this lovely lady ( I made it into black and white hehe)…

oh my gawd. Who is that?! Silly, that’s me without all my running get up. A rarity if you ask anyone.

My Sunday night did not go as it usually does and for that, ladies, I am thankful!! Hope to meet up with you again πŸ™‚


A morning person

In college I always considered myself a morning person. In that sense, I would work out before classes. This would get my energy up and it would get me going for a grand day. As a teacher, I’ve dabbled with working out before school, but because running is the usual cardio, the sun’s not up, and my work hours would mean I’d be up TOO early for my solid run, I had to put that idea on hold and work things in after school. BUT what I do miss is doing a quick 20-30 minute strength routine. I paused that for a bit, but now that I can do hand weights and put pressure on my left palm, it is time to acclimate myself to a slightly earlier wake-up.

Why do this?

  1. In the fall, I did Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred a few times a week before school and I promise you, the school day seemed a lot easier after her kicking my butt πŸ™‚
  2. My training plan for America’s Finest Half in August calls for strength training 3-4x/week. There is no way that I want to do that after a run or cross training after school – haha.
  3. I love NOT rushing before work and feeling like I had a morning.

Therefore, I am making an attempt! An attempt to throw on workout clothes, grab my hand weights, and let Ms. Michaels destroy me work her magic.

I finished creating my training plan and I decided instead of setting tempo days right after my weekend runs, I made Mondays my cross training day. Today I did 30 min on the Cybex doing a hill workout which severely had me sweating! Then, took to the bike for another hill cycle for 30 min! I was a drenched mess, but it felt good.

Okay, you heard it right. I can and will get up earlier tomorrow to start my training cycle right!

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11 Responses to An attempt..!?

  1. Danielle says:

    The blogger meet-up looks fun!

    hah it’s a rarity for me to be in “everyday civilian” clothes too πŸ˜€ Why change twice when you could only change once?

  2. gavrielski says:

    It was so nice meeting you the other night, and I’m so excited to start reading your blog! I hope we can meet up for a run or another delicious meal in the future. Enjoy your week!

  3. I definitely feel better when I get up early to work out, even if it’s just a quickie strength training session. Good luck with Jillian!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Lacey says:

    what a beautiful picture of you!!!! sounds lilke a really fun meet up πŸ™‚ i love finding new eateries, mmm. when i lived in berkeley for a summer i went to this place called Intermezzo Cafe?? i think that was it?? (it’s been years so my memory could be off). it was on telegraph ave and had delicious salads and sandwiches. i think that was where i first had the mustard + hummus combo (sounds weird but i liked it) as well as avocado + hummus combo. hahaha. they pretty much put hummus on everything.

    i don’t know how teachers workout before work. you have to be to work so freakign early!!!!!!!!! but i guess as long as you get to bed early enough you can acclimate to any wake up time. good for you. that’s DETERMINATION! good luck!

  5. Meghann says:

    It was great meeting you on Sunday! I can’t wait to follow you on all your crazy running adventures! πŸ™‚

  6. Once i get on track with morning workouts I really do prefer them… they are done and I have more energy all day long

  7. BostonRunner says:

    Blogger meet up looks fun : )
    I loveee working out in the morning, I feel so accomplished! It definitely makes my days fly by. Your strength training plan looks good!

  8. Danica says:

    I have to agree – morning workouts are the BEST even if they are short and sweet. I find I have less time to talk myself out of it and let life get in the way.

    The Blogger Meet up looks fun….LOVE how you made the pic black and white – fun πŸ™‚

  9. jeri says:

    I desperately need to strength train. blech. I try to do abs and pushups and that’s as far as I get. :p

    Super cute pic of you!! πŸ˜€

  10. stef says:

    bow chicka bow wow! love the pic in black and white, you’re a stunner! it was so great to see you again and yessss we did have a crazy couple of months. but let’s get together when final are done, me-linh and i were even talking about cheering you on at your next local race (and then going out to eat afterward haha)

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