Teaching has taught me to plan, plan, plan. And for the most part, that is coming along smoothly. Planning well has also transferred into my social life – like training plans, packing lunch the night before along with workout clothes and classroom clothes and making the most of the weekends. However, what I am really not good at planning ahead are my meals. As a gal who is desperately trying to watch her funds, this part needs to buckle down so I can make sure I am being efficient in my spending for food.

Now, a food blog…this is not. This is something that one day when things become a bit more manageable, I can see happening occasionally. However, a girl’s gotta eat now! AND this girl certainly can. So I wanted to reach out to YOU and ask for your help.

I want to know:

What are your quick, go-to meals that have become a staple in your eating??

I am not looking for anything super creative, nor fancy…not even a recipe (although…if you do 🙂 ).

I am hoping to get back into baking once the school year quiets down. I used to bake and be more creative with cooking when I was in college and I had the time to sift through new recipes. I am hoping to use YOUR recommendations as inspiration to plan a couple meals on Sundays before the week begins. This will be a starting point and I will work from there. If you are a new reader or someone who has not commented before, welcome! and please do!!


SO alarm went off this morning. I snoozed a tad, then remembered that I did NOT want disappoint myself, nor those who read last night’s post. I had lent my 30 day shred DVD to a friend, so instead of that I did a 30 min On Demand Jillian Michaels’ Boost Metabolism (i think that’s the name) dvd. Holy Crap. So sweaty, but so good. I LOVED the kickboxing moves that she incorporated and the short circuits and bursts of energy. I am going to try it again this week, but add some weights afterwards…if I survive.

As a result of this, my morning was FABULOUS. It felt great to have accomplished that in the AM and not be dragging as I got ready for school half asleep. Note to self: get the heck outta bed.

After school I had my first tempo run of the new training cycle – 5 miles @ mid-tempo pace ~ 9:40. I decided to do it at the gym and took it to the tred. This allowed me to NOT goof off/slack off and to just pound it out 🙂 And that’s what I did.

Cheers to a new training cycle starting off well.

Don’t forget to comment about your quick meals!! I want to write them down and use them in planning my week.

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7 Responses to Planning

  1. Naomi says:

    I make a couple of larger dishes on Sunday to alternate during the week. I plan it out on Saturday, grocery shop and cook on Sunday. Some favorites are:

    * Taco soup (Its on the Food Network web site by Paula Dean)
    * Salmon Florentine (also on Food Network by Ellie Krueger)
    * Anything by Robin Miller

  2. Mom says:

    You can also try doing your kickboxing moves while holding your hand weights. I’ll have to send you some of the new PC cookbooks.

  3. em says:

    My go-to meals (especially when i have night class!) are; microwaveable bowl of brown rice, mixed frozen veggies (i like the vegetable hodgepodge from trader joes), and tofu. I throw some fresh ginger, sirarcha, and soy vay marinade in there too!
    my other weeknight staple is baked potatoes! you can eat them plain, top with greek yogurt, broccoli, and paprika. I’ve even had them with low-fat cheese and veggie bacon!

    good luck! and ps thanks for the teaching tip! i will definitely try to become as much of a planner as possible before i get into the classroom 🙂

  4. make stuff on the weekends and eat it all week long! this pasta salad is a perfect example of that!

    egg dishes or stratas are great for this as well because you can make a day ahead of time and then bake the evening you want to eat…plus eat the leftovers for a few days!

    other quick meals that i enjoy are quesadillas, shoving stuff in pitas :), or stir frys.

    good luck!

  5. gavrielski says:

    Hey there! I hear you about needing some quick meal ideas. I usually cook a big pot of brown rice or soup (carrot ginger, black bean, lentil, etc.) on Sunday and have it on-hand for the week. Some mid-week quick meal ideas: stir-fry veggies (and tofu or chicken) with brown rice or polenta; ‘burrito wrap’ (Food for Life tortilla + avocado + veggies); ratatouille (eggplant + zucchini + squash + tomatoes) over polenta; roasted vegetables. Hope this helps!

  6. becky says:

    I find that planning is key. We make a family menu each weekend and shop accordingly. At the bottom of each day on our menu is the ‘to do’ list for that day – soak beans, bake bread, etc… – that is necessary for the following day(s). Some of our recent menus are online at

    Some of my favorite meals on the go…

    1. roasted veggie wrap with rice and spicy peanutbutter sauce. I toss broccoli, carrots, asparagus, celery, onions in olive oil and a little vinegar and bake for 1/2 hour. I make PB sauce with crunchy PB, water, red pepper flakes, and vinegar. Whole wheat wraps work well and are easy to eat on the go.

    2. we also bake tofu – either marinated (I can send a no-fail recipe) or encrusted in cornmeal. It’s a great snack on the go or when you’re starving before dinner. They keep well in the frig.

    3. portabella sandwich (quick sautee in olive oil) with tomato, spinach and onion.

    4. PB noodles with steamed veggies. Same PB sauce as above only a little more water. We steam carrots, scallions, broccoli and peppers for on top and use whole wheat noodles.

    5. hummos – chickpea or pea. Pea hummos is great with veggie sticks and pita bread

    6. warm chickpea salad with wilted spinach leaves and feta cheese. This is by far the easiest to make and is SO good.

    Looking forward to other meals/suggestions from others.

    Happy meal planning!!

  7. RoadBunner says:

    Okay, this is really boring but I literally eat this once a day (and it is cheap):

    Trader Joe’s whole wheat pasta (in various shapes), Trader Joe’s basil-marinara sauce, Trader Joe’s pecorino romano cheese (the cheese is key).

    Lately I have also been buying the pre-shredded carrots and sometimes broccoli slaw and I throw it in the boiling water with the pasta to add more veggies to the whole thing.

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