Rambling…what’s new.

Thank you to all who commented with some ideas for fast meals!! It makes me excited to incorporate them into my planning for the week. If you hadn’t but would like to offer an idea for a go-to meal, then drop a comment!!! Your suggestions were SO veg friendly which made it super easy for me 🙂 Gracias.

Wednesday was a caaraazzzy day. I had my first volunteer job with Hands on Bay Area and it went SO well. Hands on Bay Area offers once or re-occuring volunteer opportunities with organizations who do not necessarily have the funds to recruit volunteers. It is like middleman between the volunteers and the organization making it SUPER convenient and efficient. This one was at Jumpstart and we were creating literacy packets for pre-school parents to use in their homes. It was refreshing to meet new people and nice to break out of the daily routine. I will also be volunteering at the Girls on the Run 5k with the program soon. Girls on the Run is a program which builds self confidence in young girls by setting a goal and achieving it – whether it is running a mile or a 5k. This is something right up my alley and it will be nice to see if I want to participate in the program further after volunteering for the race the girls have been training for!

K, back to Wednesday. Wednesday was an important day. Important in the sense that it was my first purpose-filled attempt at dedicating a day to strength training. [Sorry if you were expecting something more TA-DA]. I returned to my local 24 fitness “Fit-Lite” circuit. 24 machines – 1 minute each with a 7 minute warm-up. When I first joined and went to this gym, it totally took me by surprise and I’ll be honest, I was like pshhhh this will be easy. HOLY CRAP. When you give it your all for that half hour, your body burns. The machines are resistance based – some using weights, others using well…i’m not sure what it’s called. (fail) They rotate upper body, lower body, core, and then spin. After not doing this for awhile, I am so sore today! But excited to add this to my training since after a few weeks of this, I felt so much stronger in the past! If done correctly, it reminds me of the exhaustion felt by a Jillian Michaels DVD.

Do you incorporate circuit training or strength training into your workout routine? If so, what sort of exercises do you do?

Between that and volunteering, I was wiped out. Oh, and I went to the kids’ track meet too. BAH.

Today I did a modified ladder track workout 400,600,800,1200,800,600,400. GOD. My legs were screaming and it’s not as intense as the usual ladder I have done. Probably a result of tempo tuesday and the circuit yesterday. I’ll keep an eye on the recovery after those and whether I should rework track into another night further away from temp. Either way, tonight’s run was good as I paced about a 7 min/mile for the 400, 7:30 min/mile for the 600, 8 min/mile for the 800s, and 8:30 min/mile for the 1200. I COULD have dropped it to 8:15 for the 1200, but I didn’t want to blow up mid ladder. Although mentally my head was in it, my legs were like not having it. [ Now that I think about it, I didn’t fuel properly after the strength training workout yesterday due to running around crazy…Bingo.].

This weekend is FULL of really fun things!! I have a networking event on Friday which is cocktail attire. I LOVE DRESSING UP. I don’t think I really like wearing anything between running clothes and getting real dressed up. THEN Saturday, awww, my students have their prom! Another time to get dressed up. Teaching HS students, you hear the craziest things out of their mouth when you tell them you will be at their prom. HA. I am prepared to come out of the weekend more tired than I will be going into it. I expect to go to bed early tonight.

Sorry, lots of my blabbing!! There was no real theme or direction in this post (yes, sometimes I aim to stick to a topic…sometimes). Again, if you wanted to comment on a food to FEED mah soul…nah, just help me in budgeting and creating healthy go-to meals, then comment away!!

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5 Responses to Rambling…what’s new.

  1. Naomi says:

    For strength training I swim with a pull buoy to work just my upper body. I also take a strength/conditioning/core class twice a week at my gym. Its based on physical therapy type of exercises and specifically prepares the body for other activities such as running, etc. I love it!

  2. stef says:

    i agree with the above commenter, swimming is GREAT strength training! so awesome that you’re doing girls on the run, one of my very good friends did that last year and loved it

  3. jeri says:

    hahah I’m the same way. give me sweats and running clothes or a cute dress and fun jewelery. 🙂

  4. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    I wish I did more incorporation of training things but really I just love running so that’s what I do. I hate lifting weights so I barely ever do it and right now I’m avoiding the heat- hey it’s friday, we can’t be good every day right?

  5. BostonRunner says:

    I try to do strength training as much as I can. I don’t like waiting around between sets so I basically make up my own little ‘circuit’ as I go along. I like free weights for upper body and then holding on to them with lunges and step ups and that sort of thing. I do a lot of push ups too, they’re the best! I don’t really have a plan, I just go with it haha. I’d probably get more out of it though if I did have a plan..

    And I agree with above, swimming makes me feel SO strong.

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