A good run.

The running stars aligned this afternoon as I took off for my tempo run. I initially planned my long run for today since I did um zero running this past weekend, but the rain killed that plan as I didn’t pack the appropriate running clothes for that weather. Instead, rotating this week’s workouts was the second option. Flip-flopping with my planned tempo for the week was a great decision.

I took it to the treadmill. Plan called for a 6 mile tempo – 2 easy, 3 short tempo pace, 1 easy which equated to 2 @ 10:20, 3 @ 9:10, 1 @ 10:20.

After a weekend of scrapping the running and less than stellar motivation for runs in the past few weeks, I was sort of dreading a tempo. It’s the clear sign of resuscitating the motivation when that happens. However, for some reason, just committing to the run, getting on the treadmill, and punching it out helped SO MUCH. It really helped my mood to keep the thoughts positive, watch some TV, and the miles went by. What helped me refocus before today’s run was getting back in touch with what my original goals are in training. Instead of seeing the run as a chore, or something to cross off the to-do list, I searched for my Why I run posts and some journal writings to set my mind in a good place.

In the future, I think I need a game plan to combat the dip in motivation. Here’s my plan that I hope to answer and look back on:

  1. Be honest with myself about the different goals I have for myself. Are they realistic? Am I giving myself enough time to accomplish them? What are my short term and long term goals with running?
  2. Invest others in your goals. I am incredibly independent, but also stubborn 🙂 I can be very convincing when it comes to cutting myself short/pushing things off…etc. When I tell others about my plans (granted, in a limited manner…there are only certain people who will listen me talk about my long run pace)
  3. Take a step back. And write about it. Journaling helps me when I got lots on my mind. It could be that it is something else that is affecting my running.

How do you get back the motivation?

I am waiting for some pictures for this weekend and a bit more time to tell you about my weekend. It will come, since it was a great time!!

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5 Responses to A good run.

  1. I identify with all you said, but another thing that is important for me besides investing others in my goals (I did that this month with posting some goals on my blog… definitely helps the motivation) is also questioning WHY I am working for a certain goal. Because it´s one thing to say, “I am going to run every day this week!” but WHY? Is it because I know I will feel healthier and stronger? Is it because I feel fat this week? Is it just because I feel like I “should”? Discovering the source of my motivation often helps me get back at it, or if I realize my motives weren´t necessarily correct, I can re-evaluate and make goals that have more meaning to me.

  2. jeri says:

    ya sometimes I just need to START the workout and I realize it’s exactly what I needed and can’t remember why I was putting it off! 🙂

  3. aron says:

    nice job on the tempo and finding ways to get your motivation back!

  4. Way to get it done! Bad weather is definitely a motivational hurdle. I definitely use the strategy of doing swimming and biking workouts with a group because the social aspect will make me get out and do it, but with running, I genuinely enjoy it so much that if I am unmotivated to run for more than a day or two it either means I am really depressed/anxious about something else, or I am pushing too hard and need to take a couple days off.

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