Call it what you will…

So this weekend was spent dancing, drinking, and being with friends and co-workers. Then, during the day (when I was NOT napping), I volunteered at the Girls on the Run 5k. My planned out weekend crept up on me as I realized that I had a lot of great things going on that deserved much attention. Pardon the lack of pictures dressed up. I am waiting on friends (and students) to mail them to me. Once I get them, I’ll be sure to make a post with yours truly all dolled up.

Friday night – A Class Act: A Benefit for Teach for America

At the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, there was a benefit to raise money for my program. Lots of drinks and eats…which led to a dance party towards the end of the evening. It has been a crazy two years with a group of amazing individuals experiencing similar struggles. I only have a couple pictures from the night so enjoy!

So fun. So exhausting! At 7:30, I got up and moving to volunteer.

Saturday morning – Girls on the Run 5k volunteering

The funny thing was that this 5k was RIGHT where I was the night before. I should have camped out.

We met at the volunteer tent.

Which was right near where we were the night before…

We walked the course and along the way were “dropped off” to cheer and make sure the girls ran in the right direction.

I volunteered a little past the 1.5 mile mark which is where the kids were turning around. After a late night, I had to muster up all the energy to cheer and keep the energy high! It was great to see these girls rocking it and seeing the Running Buddies accompany some of the girls!! It is definitely something that I’d be interested in participating in next year!

Saturday night – Prom

I remember this event last year as one of the “turning points” of the year and that was seeing the students having a good time outside of school. This is second to their field trips 🙂 I went with one of my best friends who teaches at another small school on our campus. We had SUCH a great time and it was nice to spend time with my staff. At the end of the night, once the students left, we (well really just me) requested some Michael Jackson. What was only supposed to be a one song request turned into the music used to clean up – a 15+ min mega mix of MJ’s finest. I WAS IN HEAVEN. Unfortunately it distracted me from cleaning up…but we provided entertainment for those who were haha.

I woke up Sunday hungover SO EXHAUSTED. I postponed my 11 miler until today.


I believe there are many things in life that break you down, only to build you back up STRONGER, with more perspective and insight. I’ve been giving this much thought and it has been source of conversation I have had with some friends whether it is something that I’ve needed to hear or they have. After graduating college, I spent a lot of my senior year building things back up once I decided Med School wasn’t the next step. And when I moved out here, I experienced much that broke me back down again.

There is a cyclic nature to this process. I feel that once I hit that breaking point, I am able to see things much better and work from there. Obviously easier said than done, seeing as at that breaking point, the mind is a mess. But given some time to let things settle, I am able to see a bit more clear.

My point is that this is true with running. [Although this DOES apply to relevant things in my life besides running at the moment]

And as per my post yesterday about a good run and motivation sources, I think that was the figurative dust settling and the perspective needed for why I enjoy running so much. What was also needed –  an 11 miler to mentally challenge the crap out of me.

Call it what you will – a grandma shuffle, some LSD, a Kenyan jog…whatevaa. To me, it was a hot 11 miler after school 🙂 At 10:20 pace, I focused on this as a recovery run very quick because my tempo run took too much out of my legs from yesterday. It was SUPER difficult to not jump ship at 7 miles when I could have gone to my car, but to continue onwards for another 2 out and back to complete the 11 was mentally tough.

Screw training paces. It was so nice to just RUN for 2 hours. As someone who has addiction issues with the Garmin, it makes me want to ditch it for a bit for my long runs and have my cheap timex at the end. I understand its need for the tempo and track seeing as those are based on the paces, but it can be a bit demoralizing when you don’t hit your “target paces” mile after mile on your long run. Does this happen to anyone else?

Okay, I’m rambling. Time for Lost! Have a good night.

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4 Responses to Call it what you will…

  1. jeri says:

    Looooove the dress. Simply can’t go wrong with black and white. 🙂 Dude, ditch the garmin if it’s more pressure than it’s worth. Some runs it’s worth having, others leave it at home. When I was “base building” I only kept track of my total run time just to mark my improvements.

  2. Thanks, Jeri. It adds unneccessary stress especially if it is to add endurance, not speed.

  3. kbwood says:

    “I believe there are many things in life that break you down, only to build you back up STRONGER, with more perspective and insight”
    AMEN TO THAT!! you are so wise girl! I am SO impressed by your beautiful heart. and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    Looks like you had a really fun weekend! When I don’t hit my “target” pace each mile, it definitely demoralizes me. I lovee running with no garmin every once in a while, it’s so refreshing!

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